Committee Structure

The following committees report to the Bank On Louisville executive committee and focus their work in specific areas of financial empowerment.
Chair: Adam Hall

Strengthen mainstream financial partnerships; track and advise on national trends and best practices; coordinate the "Bank On at Work" program to help employers encourage financial stability for all their employees; and continue to explore financial products and information that meet the needs of the unbanked and underbanked in our community.

Co-Chair: John Nevitt

Track and report impacts of efforts from all available data sources; determine measurable goals and objectives – answers the “So What?”question; advises committees on data needs and assist with survey development and reporting.

Chair: Debbie Belt

Develop strategic marketing efforts; create multi-lingual program materials; develop BOL ambassadors for public outreach; make recommendations for printed materials, websites, media contact, etc; and brainstorm innovative ways for BOL to reach all segments of the Louisville population. 
If you are interested in serving on a Bank On Louisville committee, contact us at (502) 574-5156.