Wildlife Resources

Have a wildlife-related question, such as an issue with racoons or opossums? LMAS does not assist with wildlife issues. Please visit the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources' website for information regarding wildlife.


  • Wildlife Nuisance: To make a nuisance animal complaint, such as raccoons on the porch, bats in the attic or amadillos burrowing in the yard, please click here to find a nuisance wildlife control operator near you. 
  • Injured Wildlife: For assistance with an injured or orphaned animal, such as a broken leg, broken wing, or animal attacked by a cat or hit by a car, please click here to find a wildlife rehabilitator near you. 
  • Sick Wildlife: To report a diseased animal that is staggering, obviously sick, displaying abnormal behavior, appears weak or emaciated, or to report the death of multiple animals or suspicious wildlife deaths, please click here to find a private lands biologist/KDFWR veterinarian near you.

  • Rabies Exposure: If you think you or your domestic animal has been exposed to rabies via a bite or exposure of broken skin or mucous membranes by a raccoon, skunk, fox, coyote or bat, please contact your local county public health department.