Report and search lost and found animals

Metro Animal Services can help you and your pet reunite!


Things to Know about Lost & Found Pets

Note: All Lost & Found animals are received at the LMAS Shelter, located at 3528 Newburg Road.

The best way to be sure you are reunited with your pet is if it wears its current tags at all times. If you do lose your pet and it comes into Metro Animal Services care, having the proper tags makes a reunion much more probable.
In most cases, if your pet is brought to our shelter at 3528 Newburg Road, it will be held as a stray for 5 days. The five period begins the day your pet arrives. It is very important that you check our facility as often as possible. A minimum of every two days is recommended.
It is very difficult to help you identify your pet over the phone. Our shelter houses hundreds of animals on a daily basis. If we make a mistake identifying your pet, it could cost it its life. We hope that your pet is worth the trip to our facility. After the stray time is expired your pet may be adopted into a new home.


Tags are Your Animal's Ticket Home

An animal wearing its license tag can return home much faster and easier than one without a tag. Anyone finding an animal can call our dispatch number at (502) 363-6609 with the license tag number and receive the owner's name, address and phone number.

Fees for Redeeming Your Pet

Please be advised that in accordance with Ordinance No. 290, Series 2007, all unlicensed, unaltered dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and ferrets must be spayed or neutered, microchipped, current on all vaccinations, and licensed before being redeemed by their owner. Please note that fees may vary upon actual redemption. 

Redemption and Boarding Fees*
  • Licensed altered domestic pets: $15 redemption fee plus $10 per day boarding fee (for the first offense).
  • Unlicensed altered domestic pets: $30 redemption fee plus $10.00 per day boarding fee.
  • Licensed unaltered domestic pets: $15 redemption fee plus $10.00 per day boarding fee.
  • Unlicensed unaltered domestic pets: $30 redemption fee plus $10.00 per day boarding fee.
  • Quarantine altered domestic pets: $40 redemption fee plus $15.00 per day boarding fee.
  • Quarantine unaltered domestic pets: $40 redemption fee plus $15.00 per day boarding fee.
  • Quarantine Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous dog: $100 redemption fee plus $25.00 per day boarding fee, plus $25 Dangerous dog impoundment fee.
  • Livestock, large animals: $50 redemption fee plus $15 per day boardin fee.
  • Livestock, small animals: $10 redemption fee plus $5 per day boarding fee.
  • Microchip: $25.

*Incurred surgical, medical, diagnosis and veterinary treatment expenses must be added to the redemption and boarding fees as determined by Metro Animal Services.

Surgical, Medical and Veterinary Treatment Fees*
  • DHPP/FVRCP vaccine: $20 each
  • Rabies vaccine (1 year): $8
  • Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine: $10
  • Parasite examination and/or treatment: $15 (may be a voucher)

*Other medical and surgical treatment and/or diagnosis: Varies

Licensing Fees*
  • Altered domestic pet license: $10 (or $27/3 yrs., only when matched to a triennial rabies vaccination)
  • Altered Senior Citizen: $5.00
  • Potentially Dangerous Dog license: $275
  • Dangerous Dog license: $500

*All unlicensed animals are subject to a flat $15 late fee plus an 11 cent per month late fee for up to 24 months.

Violation Notice Fees*
  • First Violation notice: $30
  • Second Violation notice: $60
  • Third Violation Notice: $120
  • Fourth and subsequent Violation Notice: $250

    Viewing Hours

    Lost & Found Viewing Hours are:
    Monday through Friday - noon to 6 p.m.
    Saturday - noon to 6 p.m.
    Sunday - Closed

    Don't forget to check the Kentucky Humane Society's
    Lost and Found page (our ASPCA partner).

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