Pet Adoption - Frequently Asked Questions

Pet Adoption FAQs

Have a question about adopting from LMAS? Here is a list of our frequently asked questions.

Where can I view adoptable pets?

Adoptable pets can be viewed here. Our adoptable pet database is managed by Petfinder and it is updated several times a day.  LMAS does not control when the Petfinder database is updated. *It’s possible that a pet listed online may not be available for adoption or has already been adopted. To find out the adoption status of a pet, please visit Animal House Adoption Center, or contact us.

How can I get more information about an adoptable pet?

For more info about an adoptable pet, contact LMAS Adoptions. Be sure to include the pet’s name or animal ID number. Emails are answered during business hours. If you would like to speak with an adoptions coordinator, be sure to include your contact info.

Where can I meet adoptable pets?

You can meet currently adoptable pets at Animal House Adoption Center. LMAS offers same-day adoptions on a walk-in basis. Animal House Adoption Center is located at 3516 Newburg Road. Business hours are from 12-6pm daily and Fridays until 7pm.  

*If you are interested in adopting a pet that has been placed into foster, you will need to schedule a meet & greet.

Who can adopt?

Animal House Adoption Center is open to all potential adopters who must apply and be approved before they can adopt a pet from LMAS.

What are the requirements to adopt a pet?

Potential adopters must be approved before adopting a shelter pet. An application can be completed online or in-person at Animal House Adoption Center. If you have submitted an online application and would like to be approved before your visit to Animal House Adoption Center, contact LMAS adoptions to request that your application be reviewed and approved.

What do I need to bring with me?

If you apply to adopt a shelter pet, you will need a valid drivers license or photo ID. Get more helpful information about our adoption process.

How much does it cost to adopt a pet?

LMAS offers the Pay It Forward Free Adoptions Program (PIF), a donation-based program that never expires. Adoption fees are always waived for adult dogs, weighing 40 lbs. or more; and cats, 6 months or older. Small breed and puppy adoptions start at a minimum $150 donation. For kittens, there is a $100 minimum donation which may be reduced, depending upon how many kittens are currently available for adoption. Get more info about PIF, Long Stay Champions and Barn Cat adoption programs.

What’s included when I adopt a shelter pet?

Every adoption includes spay or neuter surgery, a microchip, and vaccinations. Adopters will be provided a record of the vaccinations their new pet has received, before leaving Animal House Adoption Center. If you have questions about your new pet’s medical history, contact us.

What’s not included?

Jefferson County residents are required by law to purchase a one-year renewable pet license for $10. A three-year renewable license is available for $27. Leashes and collars can be purchased on-site, or bring them with you. Cats must leave Animal House in a carrier. You can bring  your own carrier or purchase a cardboard carrier for $5 at Animal House.

Do you offer child, dog and cat testing?

A meet and greet is mandatory for families with children. Dog and cat testing are available by request. You can bring your dog with you but please leave your pet outside and under supervision until it’s time for testing. You do not have to bring your cat with you to Animal House. Testing will be done with an adoptable cat who is comfortable around dogs.

What if I have a question about my newly adopted pet?

It’s understandable that you may be excited about bringing home your four-legged friend and forget to ask a question. Please, refer to the new pet adoption packet you received at the time of adoption. If you cannot find an answer to your question in the adoption packet, don't hesitate to contact us.

Why take my pet to the vet within 7 days of adoption?

Before being placed for adoption, every pet receives a basic wellness check by our veterinary staff unless there’s a need for further medical diagnostics. We recommend taking your new furry friend to the vet within seven days of adoption because, depending upon the medications prescribed by your veterinarian, LMAS may be able to fill the prescription at no cost to you.

What if I need to change my pet’s name given to him/her at the shelter?

We know it may take time to find the right name for your new pet. Once you have chosen a name, contact LMAS adoptions to update your pet's name for our records.

What if the pet I adopted isn’t right for my family?

We understand that sometimes adoptions just don’t work out and a pet may not be a good match for a family. You can contact LMAS for assistance with any issues you may encounter with a newly adopted pet during the first few weeks of the adjustment period to a new home.  

Pets adopted from LMAS can be surrendered within 30 days of adoption. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire that will help us find the right home for the pet that’s being returned. For more info or further assistance, contact us.

*To surrender a pet more than 30 days after adoption, an appointment is required and there will be an impoundment fee. Get more info or to complete a pet history form.

 Still have questions about LMAS adoptions? Contact us.

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