Ambassador Program

It's not a question of can you, but will you?



The Ambassador Program is a community movement of people stepping up to help the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods. This program ignites people interested in civic engagement through trainings in CDC Public Health Approach to Violence, Community Organizing, Introduction to Mental Health First Aid, Suicide Prevention, and Conflict Resolution. Ambassador Institutes occur every other month for a half-day and offer each of the mentioned trainings. For those interested in more in-depth trainings on any of the five skill trainings can inquire about the Ambassador Institute: Gold edition—a full-day training on one topic.

Since 2017, the One Love Louisville Ambassadors have created a vast network of support for each other and their neighbors by using their training and skills to host events, connect others to resources, meet new partners and promote violence prevention and community connections. In order to provide additional support to newly trained Ambassadors, we implemented the Ambassador Networking Nights. Every other month, we provide a location, refreshments, and activities that allow Ambassadors to meet and mingle with each other and community partners.

Individuals of all ages, from all neighborhoods, of all abilities can be a One Love Louisville Ambassador. Everyone has something to contribute that can impact the life of someone impacted by violence. Ambassadors are aware of neighborhood needs, informed with strategies, and help change the story of their neighborhood and future generations. It’s never a question of can you, but will you?

For more information about the One Love Louisville Ambassador program contact Maryam Ahmed via our Information Request form and she will connect with you.

Thank you!

We would like to extend a special thank you to the many organizations who have partnered with us to support the Ambassador Program. We could not make the Ambassador Program happen with out the sponsorship of our Networking Nights or Ambassador Institutes. Thank you to the organizations who have contributed their time, space, and resources to help make the Ambassador Program happen.