Subscribe & Stay Informed (APCD)

You can subscribe to the following notifications from the Air Pollution Control District.

APCD Public Notifications   GovDelivery

  • Agendas of Air Pollution Control Board meetings and public hearings, Board committee meetings, Air Quality Task Force meetings and advisory group meetings
  • Proposed changes to regulations
  • Proposed Board orders
  • Notifications of requests for changes to environmental acceptability (EA) goals and related notifications from the Strategic Toxic Air Reduction Program.

  • Proposed issuance or other actions on Title V air pollution permits

  • Use or retirement of unallocated Emissions Reduction Credits

  • There are typically up to 20 messages per month.
  • See an example.

EnviroFlash  EnviroFlash

Sign up now!  On the signup page, click on "Change City", then select "KY", then "Louisville".

  • Receive Air Quality Alerts the day before the alert.  
  • Optionally receive the air quality forecast every day.