Report a Bad Smell

Odor Sometimes, a city can be a smelly place. Odors are part of life in a busy metropolitan area. But when a foul smell makes life unbearable, there is place you can turn for help.

Investigators with the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District will check out your odor complaint and, if warranted, can cite violators who fail to address the problem.

Here are steps you can take to combat annoying and persistent odors in your neighborhood.

  1. When an odor is affecting your immediate health and safety – such as burning your eyes or causing physical discomfort – call 911.

  2. Otherwise, to report an odor that is less threatening but still annoying, call the APCD at (502) 574-6000 or contact us via the web.

  3. Help us track the odor. Tell us where you first detected it, the date and time it was detected, and how long it lasted.

  4. Take note of any characteristics, such as “chemical,” “sewerlike,“ “flowery,” “burnt,” “strong,” “mild,” or “obnoxious."

  5. Jot down your observations so you’ll have a record of the problem.

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Here are all of the options to report a bad smell or an unusual odor:

Click here to see the APCD's standard operating procedures (SOPs) for investigating complaints about nuisance odors.