Report an Air Pollution Problem

If you smell or see something that might be an air pollution problem, you can file a complaint by calling the APCD at (502) 574-6000 or sending us an email. You can also submit a complaint online through Metro311.

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Otherwise, when you smell something that you think might be an air pollution problem, contact the APCD as soon as possible. Help us track the odor by providing the location of the odor when first detected, the date and time it was detected, how long it lasted, and any characteristics, such as "chemical," "flowery," "burnt," "strong," "mild" or "obnoxious," and whether or not it affected your breathing, eyes or throat. If you believe the odor is coming from the sewer, you can also contact MSD at (502) 540-6000. Learn more about submitting an odor complaint with the APCD.


If you see smoke that is causing a nuisance, creating a breathing problem, or just looks wrong, contact the APCD as soon as possible. Tell us what the smoke looks like: color, density (how thick it is), direction it is going, when you noticed it, and how long has it been going on. If you can tell where it is coming from, let us know so we can track it down more quickly. Is it coming from a stack, or something else? What does it smell like? That information helps us determine the cause or source.

Open Burning

If you suspect someone is burning when they shouldn’t, or they are burning prohibited materials, or the burning is taking place when the wind is too high or we have an Air Quality Alert, please contact the APCD as soon as possible so we can stop it as quickly as we can. Help us by providing the location and date and time you first noticed it. Tell us what is being burned, how big the fire is, and if it is causing smoke or odors. Learn more about Louisville/Jefferson County open burning regulations.


Please file a dust complaint anytime you see clouds of dust leaving a work site, a construction site, a parking lot, or coming off a truck. Dust particles not only contribute to air pollution, but also can contribute to health issues. Contact the APCD as soon as you see a dust problem. We need to know where the dust appears to be coming from, what kind of dust you think it is (gravel, sand, construction, etc.), how much dust you see, when you first noticed it, and how long the dust event lasted.

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