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This is a central place to find recently enacted regulations, Board orders, and issued permits for large facilities, or other documents or actions that have been adopted by the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control Board ("Board" below) or issuance by the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District (APCD). See the types of items below.


Permit Information Issue Date
DuPont Specialty Products USA, LLC, 4250 Campground Road, 40216, Title V Construction Permit, C-1912-0031-21-V; Statement of Basis 10/18/2021
Brown-Forman Distillery, 2921 Dixie Highway, 40216, FEDOOP Construction Permit C-0244-0007-21-FStatement of Basis; Response to Comments; 10/08/2021
Multi Packaging Solutions of Kentucky LLC d/b/a Westrock Louisville, 1703 S. Brook Street, 40208, FEDOOP Construction Permit C-1128-21-0030-F 09/30/2021
Faurecia Interiors Louisville, LLC, 2000 Stanley Gault Parkway, 40223, Minor Source Construction and Operating Permit O-1758-21-M 09/28/2021
GE Applicance, A Haier Company - Appliance Park, 4000 Beuchel Bank Road, 40031, Title V Operating Permit O-0870-17-v(R4); Statement of Basis 09/28/2021
Louisville Medical Center Steam Plant, 235 Abraham Flexner Way, 40202, Title V Construction Permit C-0148-19-0043-V (R1) 09/24/2021
Morris Forman Water Quality Treatment Center, 4522 Algonquin Parkway, 40211, FEDOOP Construction Permit C-0149-0018-21-F; Statement of Basis; Response to Comments 09/24/2021

Appeals: Regulation 1.19, section 2.2

Permittees or persons who consider themselves aggrieved by orders of the Board or determinations made by the District or the Board, including actions taken by the District or the Board on permits, may file a petition for an administrative hearing with the Secretary- Treasurer so long as the person has not previously been heard regarding that matter in an administrative hearing pursuant to this regulation. The petition shall allege that the action is contrary to law or fact and is injurious to the petitioner, state the grounds and reasons for the allegation, and request an administrative hearing. Unless the Board considers the petition frivolous, the Secretary-Treasurer shall serve written notice of the petition on each person named in the petition and shall schedule an administrative hearing to be held not less than 60 days after the petition is filed unless the person complained against waives in writing the 60-day period. The right to request an administrative hearing pursuant to this regulation shall be limited to a period of 30 days after the petitioner has had actual notice, or could reasonably have had notice, of the order or action specified in the petition. Prior to scheduling an administrative hearing, the Secretary-Treasurer may require the parties to meet for settlement purposes.­

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Explanation of Headings:
Recent Action:

This is the regulation, permit, Board order, etc. that has been adopted or issued.  See the list of types of items below.  This includes the type of action, its identifying number if any, followed by the name or description.

  • Identifying number:  This is the permit number, regulation number, Board order number, etc.  If there is a number, it will be a link to the main document for the action: the proposed permit, regulation, Board order, etc.  If this is a revision to an existing permit or Board order, the number includes the revision number in parentheses, for example “(R2)” for the second revision.​If the document is available electronically, the number (if any) or the title is a hyperlink to the document.  The linked document is usually in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  Depending on your computer configuration, equations and special characters might not display properly on your screen or printer.  If you have trouble opening a document by clicking on the link, try this: Right-click the link and choose "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..." (or similar command) and save the document to your computer.  Then open the document from Adobe Reader.
  • Name or description:  For a permit, this is the name of the plant.  For a regulation, this is the title of the regulation.  For a Board order, it is the name of the responsible party.
  • Some actions also have a supporting or supplemental document:
    • For a permit: Statement of Basis (SOB): a summary of the permit, describing the purpose and contents of the permit.
    • For a regulation, there is normally a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) for a proposed regulation or Preliminary Regulatory Impact Assessment (PRIA) for a draft regulation, describing the expected effects of the regulation change.
    • For a proposed regulation change that has already gone through a public comment period but has not yet been issued, there may also be a comment and response document (RC) listing comments from the public and the APCD's response to each.
  • Legal notice: A link to the legal notice as posted on this web site. The legal notice provides the dates of the comment period and the public hearing (if any), the name and address for the specific person to whom written comments can be sent and will usually include the name and contact information of a person who can answer questions.  In the case of external draft regulations, "ANPR" or "NPR" may appear indicating a link to the (Advance) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, rather than a legal notice.
This is the date of approval and/or adoption.

This is the entity that held the hearing or meeting (if any) and took the action.  See the list of organizations below.
Types of Items:
  • Board Orders and Agreements
    • Agreed Board Order (enforcement)
    • State Implementation Plan Board order
    • Enforceable Board agreement
    • Other Board order
  • Permits
    • Title V operating permit
    • Title V construction permit
    • Federally Enforceable District Origin Operating Permit (FEDOOP)
  • Regulations
    • Proposed new or amended regulation for formal public comment
    • Draft new or amended regulation for informal external review
  • Other
    • Ambient air monitoring network change
    • Administrative letter




Board Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control Board Adopt a regulation, adopt a Board order, adopt a resolution
Policy Cmte. Policy Committee of the Board Approve a draft regulation to be proposed
Strategy Cmte. Strategy Committee of the Board
APCD Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District staff Issue a permit

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