Meteorological Data for Dispersion Modeling

AERMET Data for AERMOD (2013-2017)

AERMET Data provided by APCD, processed from downloads from EPA using AERMET View 9.6.0 which incorporates EPA AERMOD version 18081. Either Nashville, TN  or  Wilmington, OH FSL (upper air) data files can be used. These files should be used for modeling under the STAR program.

Data consists of:

  • FSL: Upper air data for both Nashville, TN and Wilmington, OH
  • ISHD: Hourly surface data from observational data. 2013-2017 FSL and ISHD data (zip)
  • ASOS: These are files containing one-minute surface data of wind speed and direction for Louisville International Airport. ASOS one-minute data is preferred by EPA to be incorporated in point dispersion modeling whenever possible. AERMINUTE (from EPA), AERMET View (from Lakes Environmental) or other similar software can process these files into hourly averages and the results can be merged with the ISHD hourly observational data to best represent local meteorological conditions. 2013-2017 ASOS data (zip)
  • SFC and PFL: These surface and profile files are required by AERMOD. 2013-2017 SFC and PFL data (zip) They were created by AERMINUTE and AERMET for use with AERMOD. They incorporate 1-minute and 5-minute ASOS meteorological data and upper air data for Wilmington, OH (see above). For the latest version of AERMOD see EPA web site or Lakes Environmental web site. 

If you have a problem downloading or have questions about any of these files, please contact Rick Williams at (502) 574‑5151 or Craig Butler at (502) 574-7237.

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