Federally Enforceable District Origin Operating Permits (FEDOOPs)

The following Jefferson County facilities have been issued Federally Enforceable District Origin Operating Permits (FEDOOPs).  Permits are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

To make an open records request regarding any of these listed companies, contact the APCD Records Coordinator at (502) 574-6000 or submit a request online.  Written requests may be forwarded to Air Pollution Control Officer, Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District, 701 W. Ormsby Ave., Suite 303, Louisville, KY 40203.



1Vision, Inc., exempt from STAR
Permit O-1146-20-F (R1)Statement of Basis; Effective 03/27/2024

Advance Ready Mix Concrete Inc Plant #1, exempt from STAR
Permit O-0579-19-FStatement of Basis; Effective 04/01/2019

Advance Ready Mix Concrete Inc Plant #3, exempt from STAR
Permit O-1300-19-FStatement of Basis; Effective 04/01/2019

Advance Ready Mix Concrete Inc Plant #5, exempt from STAR
Permit O-1246-23-FStatement of Basis; Effective 08/11/2023

AI International, exempt from STAR
Permit O-1806-24-FStatement of Basis; Effective 05/07/2024

Algood Food Company, exempt from STAR
Permit O-1440-20-FStatement of Basis; Effective 05/19/2020

Altuglas International, subject to STAR
Permit O-1294-19-F(R1); Statement of Basis; Effective 09/10/2019

Amgen USA - LDC, exempt from STAR
Permit O-1635-22-FStatement of Basis; Effective 03/28/2022

Anderson Finishing Solutions, Inc., exempt from STAR
Permit O-0322-20-F; Statement of Basis; Effective 01/26/2021

Anderson Finishing Solutions, LLC, exempt from STAR
Permit O-2041-22-F; Statement of Basis; Effective 07/28/2023

Anderson Wood Products Company, exempt from STAR
Permit O-0016-21-F; Statement of Basis; Effective 05/04/2021

Atkemix Ten Incorporated - Louisville, exempt from STAR
Permit O-1225-23-FStatement of Basis; Effective 10/19/2023

BAE Systems, exempt from STAR
Permit O-1216-21-F(R1)Statement of Basis; Effective 04/29/2021

Boyd Company, exempt from STAR
Permit O-0662-19-F(R1)Statement of Basis; Effective 08/26/2019

Brenntag Mid-South, Inc., exempt from STAR
Permit O-0221-19-FStatement of Basis; Effective 01/27/2020

Brown-Forman Cooperage, subject to STAR
Permit O-0026-22-F; Statement of Basis; Effective 08/16/2023

Brown-Forman Distillery, subject to STAR
Permit O-0244-18-FStatement of Basis; Effective 11/19/2018

Buckeye Terminals, LLC, subject to STAR
Permit O-0084-16-FStatement of Basis; Effective 03/03/2016

Buckeye Terminals, LLC - Louisville South, subject to STAR
Permit O-0220-20-FStatement of Basis; Effective 10/26/2023

Citgo Petroleum, subject to STAR
Permit O-0225-21-FStatement of Basis; Effective 04/13/2021

Consolidated Grain & Barge Co., subject to STAR
Permit O-0066-19-FStatement of Basis; Effective 11/12/2019

Cornerstone Specialty Woods Products, LLC, exempt from STAR
Permit O-2022-23-F; Statement of Basis; Effective 06/21/2023

D. D. Williamson & Co., Inc., exempt from STAR
Permit O-0808-21-F; Statement of Basis; Effective 02/26/2021

Ernst Concrete Kentucky, LLC - Downtown Plant, exempt from STAR
Permit O-1293-19-FStatement of Basis; Effective 10/28/2019

Eurofins Genomics LLC, subject to STAR
Permit O-1849-19-F(R1)Statement of Basis; Effective 04/29/2019

Fabricated Metals, LLC, exempt from STAR
Permit O-1404-21-FStatement of Basis; Effective 08/13/2021

Fervalue – Louisville Bakery, subject to STAR
Permit O-1610-23-FStatement of Basis; Effective 01/05/2024

Flynn Brothers Contracting, Inc., subject to STAR
Permit O-0415-21-FStatement of Basis; Effective 12/22/2021

Forth Technologies, Inc., exempt from STAR
Permit O-1231-20-FStatement of Basis; Effective 09/01/2020

Frontier Logistical Services, LLC, exempt from STAR
Permit O-0740-20-FStatement of Basis; Effective 10/27/2020

Heaven Hill Distilleries - Bernheim Facility, subject to STAR
Permit O-0243-22-FStatement of Basis; Effective 05/03/2023

Hillerich & Bradsby Co., exempt from STAR
Permit O-1027-17-FStatement of Basis; Effective 06/07/2017

Hood Container Louisville, exempt from STAR
Permit O-0601-19-F(R1)Statement of Basis; Effective 04/01/2019

IMI Kentucky, LLC – 832 Outer Loop, exempt from STAR
Permit O-0628-20-FStatement of Basis; Effective 07/27/2020

IMI South, LLC – Middletown, exempt from STAR
Permit O-1369-20-FStatement of Basis; Effective 03/31/2020

IMI South, LLC - South, exempt from STAR
Permit O-0182-20-FStatement of Basis; Effective 03/31/2020

Indratech, exempt from STAR
Permit O-1295-19-FStatement of Basis; Effective 11/22/2019

Innovative Crushing & Aggregate, Inc., exempt from STAR
Permit O-1312-21-F; Statement of Basis; Effective 11/23/2021

International Paper Company, exempt from STAR
Permit O-0838-21-FStatement of Basis; Effective 01/12/2022

Koroseal Interior Products, subject to STAR
Permit O-1847-21-F(R1)Statement of Basis; Effective 08/31/2021

Lakestone Enterprises, Inc dba Camcoat, Inc., exempt from STAR
Permit O-0103-22-F(R1); Statement of Basis; Effective 11/21/2022

Lanning Chemical Company, exempt from STAR
Permit O-0276-22-FStatement of Basis; Effective 07/01/2022

Louisville Medical Center Steam Plant, subject to STAR
Permit O-0148-23-FStatement of Basis; Effective 03/28/2023

Louisville Paving Company, LLC - Avoca Asphalt Plant, subject to STAR
Permit O-0290-21-FStatement of Basis; Effective 11/24/2021

Marcus Paint Company, exempt from STAR
Permit O-0144-20-FStatement of Basis; Effective 05/28/2020

MISA Metal Fabricating, Inc., exempt from STAR
Permit O-1639-20-FStatement of Basis; Effective 05/26/2020

Morris Forman Water Quality Treatment Center, subject to STAR
Permit O-0149-22-FStatement of Basis; Effective 09/14/2022

MPLX Terminals, LLC - Kramers Lane Terminal, subject to STAR  
Permit O-0143-16-F(R1); Statement of Basis; Effective 11/18/2016

Mt. Carmel Stabilization Group, Inc, exempt from STAR
Permit O-0610-24-F; Statement of Basis; Effective 05/21/2024

Multi Packaging Solutions dba Westrock, subject to STAR
Permit O-1128-19-F; Statement of Basis; Effective 09/24/2019

NHK Spring Precision America, Inc., subject to STAR
Permit O-1568-21-FStatement of Basis; Effective 12/22/2021

PPG Architectural Finishes Inc., subject to STAR
Permit O-0168-20-F; Statement of Basis; Effective 04/21/2020

Print Fulfillment Services, LLC, exempt from STAR
Permit O-1582-19-FStatement of Basis; Effective 05/20/2019

Republic Conduit Manufacturing, subject to STAR
Permit O-1553-22-FStatement of Basis; Effective 07/18/2022

River Metals Recycling, LLC, subject to STAR
Permit O-1465-20-FStatement of Basis; Effective 07/27/2020

Riverside Paving and Contracting, Inc., exempt from STAR
Permit O-0150-21-FStatement of Basis; Effective 12/21/2021

Rogers Group, Inc, exempt from STAR
Permit O-0145-19-F(R1)Statement of Basis; Effective 07/16/2019

Sealed Air Corporation, subject to STAR
Permit O-1668-19-FStatement of Basis; Effective 01/10/2020

Smyrna Ready Mix Concrete, LLC, exempt from STAR
Permit O-0004-19-FStatement of Basis; Effective 07/15/2019

Superior Industrial Solutions, Inc., exempt from STAR
Permit O-0631-19-F(R1)Statement of Basis; Effective 06/11/2019

Swift Pork Company, subject to STAR
Permit O-0115-23-FStatement of Basis; Effective 11/28/2023

The Quikrete Companies, LLC, exempt from STAR
Permit O-0020-21-FStatement of Basis; Effective 08/03/2021

The Standard Group, LLC, exempt from STAR
Permit O-0846-19-FStatement of Basis; Effective 11/07/2019

TransMontaigne Operating Company, L.P. – LouisvilleTerminal, exempt from STAR 
Permit O-0222-20-FStatement of Basis; Effective 01/06/2021

United Parcel Service, Inc., subject to STAR
Permit O-0564-20-FStatement of Basis; Effective 01/23/2020

Universal Minerals Kentucky, Inc., exempt from STAR
Permit O-0465-23-FStatement of Basis; Effective 05/19/2023

V.G. Reed & Sons, Inc., exempt from STAR
Permit O-0333-20-FStatement of Basis; Effective 08/27/2020

Valero Terminaling and Distribution Company, subject to STAR
Permit O-0214-20-FStatement of Basis; Effective 08/11/2021

Vanaire and Industrial Fiberglass, exempt from STAR
Permit O-0377-19-FStatement of Basis; Effective 09/10/2019

Zeochem, LLC, exempt from STAR
Permit O-1264-21-FStatement of Basis; Effective 04/25/2023



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