Emissions Inventory Forms

All Title V sources and FEDOOP sources subject to STAR must submit a 2017 Annual Emissions Inventory Report by April 15, 2018 in order to comply with APCD regulations.

Electronic submittals (Emission Inventory forms and supporting calculations) smaller than 10 MB may be emailed to airpermits @ louisvilleky.gov. All other submittals should be saved to a CD or flash drive and submitted with the paper copy of the submittal.

Additional sources shall comply upon request, as required by Regulation 1.06, Section 4.3. All sources must continue to comply with record-keeping and reporting permit provisions and all other regulatory requirements.

Please read Instructions E01 for general instructions and additional instructions as appropriate. To save a document to your computer, right-click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" (depending on your browser software).



Title of Document PDF
General reporting instructions (revised) Instructions E01 (PDF)
Instructions for petroleum product bulk terminals Instructions E02 (PDF)
Instructions for paint manufacturing operations Instructions E03 (PDF)
Terms and acronyms Instructions E04 (PDF)
List of non-VOC organic compounds Instructions E05 (PDF)
HAP classifications Instructions E06 (PDF)



Reporting Option 1:  Individual Forms
Title of Form Microsoft Excel 2003
Emission Units and Processes Form E10T (Excel)
Boiler or process fuel usage Form E20 (Excel)
Welding (optional) Form E43 (Excel)
Wet cooling tower Form E44 (Excel)
Process/Product Usage (optional replacement for E40 and E50) Form E45 (Excel)
Stage I gasoline throughput Form E54 (Excel)
Stage II gasoline throughput Form E55 (Excel)
Process information and emissions(revised) Form E90 (Excel)
Emissions release point table Form E91T (Excel)
Control measure table Form E92T (Excel)
Plant-wide pollutant emissions summary and certification Form E99 (Excel)
Reporting Option 2:  Processes Spreadsheet
Title of Form Microsoft Excel 2003
Processes (revised) Processes.xls
Emission Units and Processes Form E10T (Excel)
Emissions release point table Form E91T (Excel)
Control measure table Form E92T (Excel)
Plant-wide pollutant emissions summary and certification Form E99 (Excel)


Related Forms

Description of Document

Microsoft Word 2003

Insignificant Activities Summary Insignificant Activities Form 100P (Word 2003)


Compliance Certification Forms

Permit Type

Microsoft Word 2003

Title V Form 9400-O (Word)
FEDOOP Form 9440-O (Word)
NESHAP - 40 CFR 63 part HHHHHH 40 CFR 63 HHHHHH Form (Word)


Useful Documents and Links

If you have trouble opening a file by clicking the link, try this: Download the file (on most browsers, right-click and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As") and open it with the appropriate program (Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office Excel or Microsoft Office Word). For documents in PDF format, depending on the availability of fonts, the equations and special characters may not display properly on the screen or printer.

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