Drive Clean Louisville

Photo of electric vehicle charging station

Drive Clean Louisville is a cross-functional team planning for and exploring opportunities related to electric vehicles and clean fuel transportation for our government and community.

The team develops projects for grant funding and policy development with a focus on reducing tailpipe emissions from light- and heavy-duty mobile sources throughout Louisville/Jefferson County. This includes strategies to increase cleaner alternatives to traditional fossil fuels (i.e. gasoline and diesel) and/or engines that include the most effective emission control technologies.



The Drive Clean Louisville initiative will increase usage and ownership of alternative fuel vehicles and clean engine technologies in Louisville/Jefferson County.

Vision Statement

Louisville will be a community that embraces alternative fuel vehicles (AFV), as barriers to AFVs are alleviated for citizens of all income levels. Residents will be more informed about the benefits, both economic and environmental, of AFV usage, and commerce will be powered through clean engines with Louisville Metro Government leading by example through the implementation of a clean fleet.


EV Survey Final Report

In 2017, Louisville Metro Government (LMG) conducted an Electric Vehicle (EV) Survey to better understand challenges to the promotion and adoption of EVs in Louisville. The survey generated over 500 responses and identified the cost of purchasing EVs, concerns about driving range, and the availability of charging stations as the largest barriers to increasing EV adoption. LMG also created a crowdsourcing application in conjunction with the survey to identify locations for future charging station infrastructure. More than 200 respondents helped identify dozens of locations around the city, including sites within local parks, high schools, libraries and shopping centers. LMG will use this information to explore different ways to incentivize electric vehicle ownership, expand EV charging infrastructure, and increase public outreach about EVs.


A grassroots non-profit group of Kentucky’s electric vehicle owners, EvolveKY is leading the state’s clean transportation revolution by installing fee-free community chargers, educating the public in innovative ways, and demonstrating that electric vehicles are fun, economical, and planet-friendly. Learn more at

Volkswagen Settlement

On Jan. 4, 2016, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency alleged that the automaker Volkswagen violated the Clean Air Act by selling approximately 590,000 diesel vehicles built with software to cheat during federal emission tests. Volkswagen later agreed to two partial settlements in 2016 and a third in 2017, and the U.S. Department of Justice resolved the case after a plea agreement. The three settlements require Volkswagen to spend up to $14.73 billion on customer compensation, pollution mitigation and zero emission vehicle investment. The first partial settlement requires Volkswagen to invest $2 billion in building Zero Emission Vehicle charging infrastructure and promoting Zero Emission Vehicles. To read more about the settlement, click here. 

Electrify America

A for-profit company, Electrify America was formed as part of the VW Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Settlement. Under the settlement, Electrify America will “be a catalyst for promoting ZEV adoption by offering transformative customer-centric infrastructure and energy management solutions.” Electrify America will also promote ZEV adoption by investing $2 billion in ZEV infrastructure and education programs throughout the U.S. Learn more about Electrify America here.

Kentucky Initiative

Aside from the $12.3 billion consumer compensation and ZEV programs, Volkswagen must also pay $2.7 billion to an Environmental Mitigation Trust Fund. Kentucky expects to receive $20.3 million from the Fund over the course of ten years. Recently, the Kentucky Energy and Environmental Cabinet released a proposed Beneficiary Mitigation Plan. The plan outlines how Kentucky will use its portion of money from the Environmental Mitigation Trust Fund to reduce NOx emissions. For more information on Kentucky’s proposed Beneficiary Mitigation Plan, click here.


LG&E/KU installs EV charger at Seneca Park

Drivers of electric vehicles in Louisville have yet another place to “fill up” their batteries with the installation of a new public charging station at Seneca Park through Louisville Gas and Electric Company’s EV Charging Station Program. Seneca Park was chosen using data collected by Drive Clean Louisville, a Metro Government initiative that promotes the benefits of alternative fuel vehicles. A survey asked the public to identify places in Louisville in need of vehicle chargers, and Seneca Park was among the top spots named. Click here for details.

Drive Clean Louisville featured on Metro TV


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