APCD Regulations Part 2: Permit Requirements

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# Title Latest Version
2.01 General Application 4/1982
2.02 Air Pollution Regulation Requirements and Exemptions 5/2013
2.03 Authorization to Construct or Operate; Demolition/Renovation Notices and Permit Requirements 1/2018
2.04 Construction or Modification of Major Sources In or Impacting Upon Non-Attainment Areas (Emission Offset Requirements) 3/1993
2.05 Prevention of Significant Deterioration of Air Quality 1/2018
2.06 Permit Requirements - Other Sources 11/1983
2.07 Public Notification for Title V, PSD, and Offset Permits; SIP Revisions; and Use of Emission Reduction Credits 6/1995
2.08 Fees 11/2019
2.09 Causes for Permit Modification, Revocation, or Suspension 10/2015
2.10 Stack Height Considerations 7/1989
2.11 Air Quality Model Usage 5/1999
2.12 Emissions Trading (Including Banking and Bubble Rules) 12/1996
2.14 REPEALED: Asbestos Inspection Fee During Non-Scheduled Hours (repealed 8/16/2006) 10/1988
2.16 Title V Operating Permits 5/2013
2.17 Federally Enforceable District Origin Operating Permits 5/2013


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