APCD Regulations Part 1: General Provisions

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# Title Latest Version
1.01 General Application of Regulations and Standards 3/1999
1.02 Definitions 6/2019
1.03 Abbreviations and Acronyms 1/2008
1.04 Performance Tests 6/2019
1.05 Compliance with Emission Standards and Maintenance Requirements 11/1992
1.06 Source Self-Monitoring, Emissions Inventory Development and Reporting 5/2020
1.07 Excess Emissions During Startups, Shutdowns, and Upset Conditions 7/2005
1.08 Administrative Procedures 11/2019
1.09 Prohibition of Air Pollution 11/1983
1.10 Circumvention 4/1972
1.11 Control of Open Burning 1/2008
1.12 Control of Nuisances 1/1988
1.13 Control of Objectionable Odors in the Ambient Air 6/1998
1.14 Control of Fugitive Particulate Emissions 1/1988
1.15 Version of Federal Regulations Incorporated by Reference 6/2019
1.17 Air Quality Trust Fund 6/1995
1.18 Rule Effectiveness 9/1994
1.19 Administrative Hearings 1/2008
1.20 Upset Condition Prevention Programs 7/2005


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