APCD Permit Application Forms & Fees

Any piece of equipment or project that emits or controls air pollutants requires a permit prior to installation and operation unless it is specifically exempted from the APCD’s permit requirements. Companies must apply for and receive a permit before even purchasing new equipment to know exactly what the permit conditions and other requirements will be before construction, installation, and operation begin. Find more information on types of permits, the permitting process, and exceptions.

Forms used to apply for permits and a guide to applicable fees are found below. Some PDF web viewers may not display forms with fill-in capabilities correctly. We recommend downloading the form for the best results.

Carefully read the instructions below before starting to fill out forms. For quicker processing, send reports and applications for emissions-based permits to our permitting department through this form. Emailed submissions will also need to be submitted either as hardcopy, faxed, or on physical electronic media (CD, floppy, flash drive).

Trouble finding a permit below? Use the "Find Forms" tool at the bottom of the page. 

Permitting Fees

Fees associated with permit-related actions are established in APCD Regulation 2.08.

FY 2023-2024 Permitting Fees

Fees may be paid with check or money order sent to 701 W. Ormsby Ave. Suite 303, Louisville, KY 40203 and made payable to "Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District". Fees may also be paid with any major credit card EXCEPT American Express by contacting Monica Little at 502-574-7246. Note that filing fees are due at the time of application submittal.  All other fees will be invoiced.

General Construction and Operating Permits

These are the permit application forms to apply for a permit to construct, reconstruct, install, modify or operate a process or air pollution control device. These new permit application forms supersede Form 201 and the AP-xx08 forms which APCD no longer accepts.

General (100s)
Form AP - Number and Description Revision Date
Instructions February 2015
100A: Administrative Information November 2021
100B: Emission Unit Definition March 2021
101X: Request for Temporary Exemption March 2016
Processes (200s)
Control Devices (300s)
Form AP - Number and Description Revision Date
300A: Generic Control Equipment March 2014
300B: Baghouse November 2021
300C: Cyclone March 2014
300D: Settling Chamber March 2014
300E: Electrostatic Precipitator March 2014
300F: Chemical Scrubber March 2014
300G: Reducing Systems March 2014
300H: Condenser March 2014
300J: Vapor-Liquid Separator March 2014
300K: Adsorber March 2014
300L: Thermal Oxidizer March 2014
300M: Flare March 2014
300N: Venturi Scrubber March 2014
300O: Absorber October 2014
Title V and FEDOOP Permits
Registered and Exempted Sources (500s)
Form AP - Number and Description Revision Date
500A: Source Registration or Exemption Request April 2023
500B: Annual Certification February 2021

Asbestos Permits

In accordance with APCD Regulations 5.04 and 5.13, the APCD regulates renovation, demolition, or building clean-up activity that involves the disturbance of asbestos-containing materials (ACM). Find more information about our Asbestos program here

Asbestos Permits

Gasoline Dispensing (Stage I/Stage II) Permits

Gasoline belongs to a category of chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are a main contributor to ozone formation. To reduce ground level ozone, the APCD requires permits for wholesale, retail, and commercial distribution points of gasoline. More information on gasoline dispensing permits is on our permitting page. 

Gasoline Dispensing Permits
Form AP - Number and Description Revision Date
Form APG-A: Application to change the owner or operator of a facility or update information for renewal March 2016
Form APG-C: Application for permit to modify or construct a facility March 2016
Form APG-D: Notice of Intent to Decommission Stage II Controls and Decommission Plan Form May 2016
Form APG-E: Complete Notice - Decommission Stage II Controls and Decommission Plan Form May 2016

Open Burning Permits

Open burning is generally prohibited in Louisville Metro. With advance notice and an open burning permit, exceptions can be made for recreational and ceremonial fires, agricultural fires, and fire-fighting training. You can read more about open burning on this page or find the complete rules for open burning in Louisville Metro in APCD Regulation 1.11.

Open Burning Permits
Form AP - Number and Description Revision Date
Recreational fire permit application October 2021
Agricultural burn permit application October 2021
Fire training fire permit application October 2021
Fire training blanket permit application October 2021

Activities that are considered trivial or insignificant are not subject to permits.


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