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The APCD's Multipollutant Stakeholder Group (MPSG) was a community stakeholder group that was convened to develop strategies to reduce air pollution in Louisville.


This group was formed in late 2019 to discuss current air pollution challenges and glean recommendations for our community’s next steps to improve local air quality and reduce health impacts from air pollution. As you may know, Louisville is currently not meeting the recently strengthened 8-hour Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS). Although our community has made great progress in reducing overall air pollution, ozone continues to be a major challenge.

The Multipollutant Stakeholder Group also looked at reducing fine particulate pollution and air toxics, which may provide co-benefits to the effort to reduce ozone. This was a departure from past APCD stakeholder convenings, in which only a single pollutant type was examined, but is in keeping with the current state of air quality planning needs and with our community’s public health goals. 

The group brought together business officials from key sectors, community leaders, and relevant government, academia, and health representatives. The MPSG met several times -- as a full group and in subject-specific committees -- in late 2019 and early 2020. Participants looked at current air quality data, modelling, and regulatory requirements (in particular, the 2015 8-hour Ozone standard NAAQS requirements) to develop a common baseline understanding among the stakeholders.

The APCD will use emission reduction recommendations in the creation of a Multipollutant Air Quality Strategy to guide its work in the coming years, including potential additions to the area’s federally enforceable State Implementation Plan (SIP) if required. Recommendations outside of the scope of the APCD’s work will be provided to other relevant entities or agencies with APCD support where possible. 

About the Multipollutant Stakeholder Group

MPSG Overview

List of Participating Organizations

Committee Participation

The MPSG will be informed by the work of five committees – Point Source, Area Source, Mobile Source, Health, and Outreach/Education. Each committee will have a few initial goals set for its work, but will be encouraged to consider additional goals as needed. Examples of the expected committee work include discussion and development of recommendations for emission reduction strategies, outreach and engagement opportunities around air quality and health impacts, and additional lines of inquiry for how our community can protect public health from air pollution.

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Glossary of Air Pollution Terms and Abbreviations 

Ozone Formation Study: Model Performance Evaluation and NOx/VOC Sensitivity

APCD 101

Louisville's Air Quality

Ozone in Louisville Part 1

Ozone in Louisville Part 2


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Meeting Materials

November 6, 2019: Agenda | Presentation

November 20, 2019: Agenda | Presentation | Ozone Study Presentation

December 11, 2019: Agenda | Presentation

April 6, 2020: Agenda | Presentation

April 13, 2020: Agenda | Presentation




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