Air Pollution Control Board Orders and Agreements

These are issued by the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control Board under the authority of KRS 77. You can find proposed orders and actions here.

Enforcement Agreed Board Orders 

Below is record of the Air Pollution Control Board agreed orders. These are generally issued as a result of a violation of one or more regulations, and require the responsible party to take specific actions.

Industrial Container Services - Ky, LLC, Agreed Board Order 24-03; Effective 05/15/2024

Downtown Ford, Inc. d/b/a James Collins Ford, Agreed Board Order 24-02; Effective 04/17/2024

American Synthetic Rubber Company, Agreed Board Order 24-01; Effective 03/20/2024

Swift Pork CompanyAgreed Board Order 23-01; Effective 09/20/2023

Centerpoint Teams, LLC; Agreed Board Order 23-05; Effective 08/16/2023

Hillerich and Bradsby Co.; Agreed Board Order 23-04; Effective 08/16/2023

Carbide Industries, LLCAgreed Board Order 23-02; Effective 06/21/2023

Heritage Green Holdings LLCAgreed Board Order 23-03; Effective 5/17/2023

DuPont Specialty Products USA, LLCAgreed Board Order 22-04; Effective 02/15/2023

Past Enforcement ABOs

Planex Company, Inc.Agreed Board Order 22-02; Effective 04/20/2022

Industrial Container Services-KY, LLCAgreed Board Order 22-03; Effective 03/16/2022

Clariant CorporationAgreed Board Order 22-01; Effective 02/16/2022

Metropolitan Sewer DistrictAmended Agreed Board Order 21-01; Effective 11/17/2021

Metropolitan Sewer DistrictAgreed Board Order 21-01; Effective 02/17/2021

Kosmos Cement Company LLCAgreed Board Order 21-02; Effective 02/17/2021

Al J. Schneider CompanyAgreed Board Order 20-04; Effective 08/19/2020

Kelly Construction, Inc.Agreed Board Order 20-03; Effective 08/19/2020

Clariant CorporationAgreed Board Order 20-02; Effective 05/20/2020

Clariant CorporationAgreed Board Order 20-01; Effective 05/20/2020

BAE Systems Land & Armaments L.P.; Agreed Board Order 14-01; Effective 02/19/2020

Hexion Inc.Agreed Board Order 19-02; Effective 10/16/2019

American Synthetic Rubber CompanyAgreed Board Order 19-01; Effective 02/20/2019

Clariant CorporationAgreed Board Order 18-02; Effective 12/19/2018

Hexion Inc.; Agreed Board Order 18-01; Effective 04/18/2018

Swift Pork CompanyAgreed Board Order 17-04; Effective 08/16/2017

Arkema Inc.Agreed Board Order 17-03; Effective 03/15/2017

Swift Pork CompanyAgreed Board Order 17-02; Effective 01/18/2017

ConAgra Foods Frozen Foods LLCAgreed Board Order 17-01; Effective 01/18/2017

University of LouisvilleAgreed Board Order 16-05; Effective 07/20/2016

BYK Additives, Inc.Agreed Board Order 16-04; Effective 05/18/2016

Clariant CorporationAgreed Board Order 16-03; Effective 03/16/2016

Brookside Properties, Inc.Agreed Board Order 16-02; Effective 02/17/2016

Louisville Gas & ElectricAgreed Board Order 16-01; Effective 02/17/2016

Swift Pork CompanyAgreed Board Order 15-08; Effective 12/16/2015

Brookside Properties, Inc.; Agreed Board Order 15-07; Effective 11/18/2015

BASF Corp.Agreed Board Order 15-06; Effective 11/18/2015

Anderson Wood Products CompanyAgreed Board Order 15-05; Effective 09/16/2015

Louisville Medical Center, Inc. d/b/a/ Medical Center Steam Plant (Company)Agreed Board Order 15-04; Effective 08/19/2015

J. Butt Rentals, LLCAgreed Board Order 15-03; Effective 05/20/2015

Reynolds Consumer Products, LLCAgreed Board Order 15-02; Effective 03/18/2015

Phil WellsAgreed Board Order 15-01; Effective 03/18/2015

American Synthetic Rubber CompanyAgreed Board Order 14-08; Effective 12/17/2014

Momentive Specialty Chemicals, Inc.Agreed Board Order 14-07; Effective 11/19/2014

Bachelor Land Holdings, LLCAgreed Board Order 14-06; Effective 11/19/2014

Waste Management of Kentucky, LLC.; Agreed Board Order 14-05; Effective 11/19/2014

Medical Center Steam PlantAgreed Board Order 14-04; Effective 10/15/2014

Swift Pork CompanyAgreed Board Order 14-03; Effective 10/15/2014

The Hertz Investment Group, Inc.Agreed Board Order 14-02; Effective 09/17/2014

BAE Systems Land and Armaments, L.P.Agreed Board Order 14-01; Effective 02/19/2014

Louisville Gas and Electric CompanyAgreed Board Order 13-07; Effective 11/20/2013

Rohm and Haas Chemicals LLCAgreed Board Order 13-06; Effective 10/16/2013

Advance Ready-Mix, Inc.Agreed Board Order 13-05; Effective 08/21/2013

Kosair Charities Committee, Inc.Agreed Board Order 13-04; Effective 07/17/2013

Eckart America CorporationAgreed Board Order 13-03; Effective 06/19/2013

Louisville Gas & ElectricAgreed Board Order 13-02; Effective 04/17/2013

Momentive Specialty Chemicals, Inc.Agreed Board Order 13-01; Effective 02/20/2013

Enforcement Agreed Board Orders more than 10 years old may be requested through an Open Records Request

Enforceable Board Agreements

Below is record of the Air Pollution Control Board's agreed orders in which the other party agrees with the board to take specific measures to reduce specified air pollution emissions.

Louisville Gas & Electric; Effective 04/20/2022

Louisville Gas & Electric; Effective 05/19/2021

Louisville Gas & Electric; Effective 04/15/2020

Kosmos Cement Company; Effective 02/19/2020

Kosmos Cement Company; Effective 04/19/2017

American Synthetic Rubber Company; Effective 05/18/2016

Reynolds Consumer Products Inc.; Effective 06/19/2013

SIP Board Orders

The Clean Air Act requires each state to develop a State Implementation Plan (SIP) describing how it will attain and maintain National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). NAAQS pollutants include ozone and its precursors, particulates, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide.

As the only local air pollution control agency in Kentucky, the APCD develops and maintains its own portion of the Kentucky SIP, which includes key regulations, permits and programs necessary to achieve compliance with the NAAQS. Control measures for these pollutants are adopted through Board Orders, permits, or rulemaking and submitted to EPA for approval. These are Air Pollution Control Board orders that have been adopted. They remain in effect until superseded. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

Louisville Gas & Electric; NOx/VOC RACT, Amendment 2, Effective 11/15/2023

American Synthetic Rubber CompanyNOx RACT, Amendment 2; Effective 11/17/2021

LL Flex, Inc.Source-Specific VOC Bubble Agreed Board Order; Effective 11/18/2020

American Synthetic Rubber CompanyNOx RACT, Amendment 1; Effective 11/20/2019

Louisville Medical Center Steam PlantNOx RACT, Amendment 4; Effective 01/18/2017

Texas Gas TransmissionTexas Gas Transmission; Effective 05/18/2016

Recast Energy Louisville, LLC; NO RACT, Amendment 2; Effective 05/21/2014

Louisville Medical Center Steam PlantNO RACT, Amendment 3; Effective 08/21/2013



Documents are in Adobe portable document format (PDF) . If you have trouble opening a file by clicking the link, try downloading the file (on most web browsers, right-click and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As"), then open the downloaded file in Adobe Reader or another PDF reader.

If you are looking for older Board orders or have questions about a specific Board order, feel free to contact us, or submit an open records request.

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