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The Air Pollution Control District (APCD) enforces the Clean Air Act and other laws and regulations that make the air clean and safe in Louisville/Jefferson County. We also work with the community on policies and programs that lead to a healthier and more sustainable city.

Submissions are now open for the inaugural Lawn Care for Cleaner Air Community Equipment Grant Program. The grant will award a package of professional-powered, electric lawn equipment to a local non-profit organization. The package of equipment is valued at $1,256 and includes an electric mower, trimmer, blower, and extra rechargeable battery that powers all three tools. 

COVID-19 Information – The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted APCD operations. Please monitor this page for updates. The APCD will continue operating but you may encounter some temporary inconvenience.

Check out our Emissions Inventory Dashboard and explore data about air pollution emissions throughout our region.

Small Business Environmental Compliance Assistance Program - We work directly with small businesses so they may access environmental compliance, pollution prevention, and sustainable business information. Learn more about these free, non-regulatory, and confidential services. APCD’s small business program is part of the National Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) in accordance with Section 507 of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments. Visit SBEAP’s Small Business Resources page to find numerous online resources related to your industry sector.

Clearing The Air Workshop Series – The APCD hosts a series of free workshops to give the public an inside look at everything from the science of air pollution to the laws and regulations that protect our health from harmful air.  Check out the 2020 Workshop Series online!

Multipollutant Stakeholder Group – The APCD's Multipollutant Stakeholder Group has released its report. This community stakeholder group was formed in late 2019 to develop strategies to reduce air pollution in Louisville. The group discussed current air pollution challenges and made a series of recommendations for our community’s next steps to improve local air quality. Learn more about the MPSG here.

Ozone - What is ozone? And why is it a problem here? Find out more about this harmful air pollutant and what the APCD is doing about it.

APCD 2019 Annual Report – The Air Pollution Control District is responsible for regulating air pollution here in Louisville/Jefferson County. Learn more about the APCD’s work and Louisville’s air quality here.

Facts About Reformulated Gas – Reformulated gas (RFG) is blended to burn more cleanly than conventional gasoline. It is used in Louisville to help reduce both ground-level ozone, a harmful chemical that damages the lungs, and air toxics. Learn more about it here.

Drive Clean Louisville – Drive Clean Louisville is a cross-functional team planning for and exploring opportunities related to electric vehicles and clean fuel transportation for our government and community. Click here to learn more.

Open Burning – It is illegal to burn trash or yard waste in Louisville/Jefferson County, but small backyard firepits are allowed. You can also apply for an APCD permit to have a bonfire or agricultural burn.

Report a bad smell - Sometimes, a city can be a smelly place. Odors are part of life in a busy metropolitan area. But when a foul smell makes life unbearable, the APCD can help.

Dust - You can file a complaint when you see clouds of dust leaving a construction site, a parking lot, or coming off a truck. Dust contributes to air pollution and can be harmful to your health.

EPA Air Toxics Monitoring Project (RARE) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is testing new air toxics monitoring technology in Louisville's Rubbertown area. The project is funded via the EPA's Regional Applied Research Effort (RARE) and the APCD is assisting in the siting and operation of the monitors. Click here for more details.

About Air Pollution – Learn about air pollutants, their sources, strategies to reduce them and how you can help improve Louisville’s air quality.

Air Quality Monitoring – Learn how the APCD monitors the local air and more about the pollutants we monitor. 

Regulations & Laws – Find current APCD regulations, the STAR Program, and links to other regulations and laws that apply in Louisville.

National Air Toxics Assessment – Learn more about air toxics and the risks they pose via this searchable U.S. Environmental Protection Agency database.

Permit Application Forms – Find and download the permit application form(s) you need for your business.

Permits & Compliance – Learn about permits and permit compliance, enforcement, emission inventory, open burning permits, asbestos permits, and gasoline systems permits.

Air Pollution Control Board – Learn about Board meetings and public hearings, agreed Board orders, and current Board members. 

Recent Actions – See recently enacted amendments to regulations, agreed Board orders, and permits for large facilities.

Proposed Actions – Review proposed amendments to regulations, agreed Board orders, and permits for large facilities.

Environmental Outreach – The APCD has various programs and outreach efforts including KAIRELawn Care for Cleaner AirIdle Free Louisville, seminars, stakeholder processes and more. 


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