Urban Government Center

Mayor Greg Fischer  announced that Louisville Metro Government (LMG) has entered into a development agreement with The Marian Group for the redevelopment of the former Urban Government Center (UGC) site.

The Urban Government Center is an 11.85 acre site consisting of four buildings that have served as government offices for the last several decades. 810 Barret, the most prominent of the buildings on site, is a 7-story structure constructed in 1924 as the Kentucky Baptist Hospital; annexes were added to the building at later dates to form an entrance area and elevator shaft. The remainder of the site consists of a 4-story building constructed in 1940 as housing for nursing students, a 3-story structure erected in the mid- to late-1990’s that housed offices for Louisville’s Air Pollution Control District, and a small steam plant featuring a smokestack constructed with the original Kentucky Baptist Hospital.

“The former Urban Government Center site has long been a staple in the Paristown Pointe neighborhood,” said the Mayor. “I’m pleased to have entered into a development agreement with The Marian Group who shares our vision for this project to bring activity back to this historic site for the neighborhood to enjoy for generations to come.

The project features diverse housing options including townhomes, shotgun-style single family homes, multi-family rental units, and condo flats. Additionally, The Marian Group plans to include several types of affordable housing, including a Family Scholar House campus. The development will feature office and commercial space.

“We are excited to have signed this development agreement with the City and are ready to move forward with the first phase of this fantastic project,” said Marian principal Justin Brown. “It represents what is great about our city and this neighborhood—mixed-use, mixed-income, intergenerational, and interconnected.”

The Marian Group has sent out notice to the local community that it will be having its first neighborhood meeting on Wednesday, July 25 regarding its plan for the redevelopment of the current Vine Street parking lot into a collection of modern shotgun houses. Additionally, The Marian Group will file that plan with the City soon for planning review.

Marian principal Jake Brown added, “Paristown Pointe is a vital urban neighborhood and we are proud to be adding a new story to its already rich community narrative. Our family and our company have deep roots in the nearby neighborhoods and we are honored to spread those roots into Paristown Pointe.”

Phase 1 of the project includes the development of 22 homes to be built on a portion of the Vine Street Lot, located to the east of Breckinridge Street and to the west of Barret Ave. A farmer’s market space and a pedestrian connection will be constructed on the site, with the remaining area of the Vine Street Lot being retained by LMG to continue the existing community garden in partnership with the neighborhood. Preliminary site work will begin immediately with an official groundbreaking ceremony to be held at a later date.

Phase 2 of the project includes the development of a Family Scholar House, retail, office and mixed-use residential to be located on the balance of the main site bordered by Barret Ave., E. Breckinridge and Vine streets.

“Good things come to those who wait and I’m optimistic in the fullness of time this project will be as much a benefit to the Paristown Pointe neighborhood as many expect it to be,” said Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith, D-4. “We’re hopeful that The Marian Group’s performance will exceed its promises including a park, walkways and good looking architecture consistent with the beautiful neighborhood.”

In addition, the development will bring community benefits such as multi-use connections between Breckinridge and Vine streets for pedestrian and bicycle use, preservation of existing mature native species trees, the addition of green roofs and the reuse of existing building materials where appropriate.

“The proposed project by the Marian Group to convert the Urban Government Center into a mixed use housing, retail and community development is a real positive for the Paristown Pointe neighborhood,” said Councilman Pat Mulvihill, D-10. “I hope this project will be transformational in creating continued investment and interest in the flourishing Barret Avenue corridor.”

The selection of The Marian Group was announced in December 2017 after this extensive community engagement process that included multiple on-site public meetings to hear the concerns and values of people from Paristown Pointe and area neighborhoods. In their proposals, development teams were asked to incorporate what was heard at public meetings.

The Marian Group’s proposal aligns with community priorities expressed during an extensive public engagement period. These priorities include:

  • Preservation of green space and an existing community garden;
  • Creation of new housing choices at multiple price points;
  • Ability of the site to support multi-modal transportation options, including transit and bicycle;
  • Reuse of existing facilities and materials;
  • Incorporation of community gathering spaces; and,
  • Use of innovative building and site management techniques to make the development a model of sustainability.

An evaluation panel of both LMG staff and members of the community was formed to review all five proposals submitted and to make a recommendation to Louisville Forward. The evaluation panel used scoresheets to review each proposal.

In the evaluation panel, Lizabeth Calenberg, Mary Hardesty, Debbie Hoblitzell and Chuck Woodall represented the community and Deborah Bilitski (former Director of Develop Louisville), Gabe Fritz (Director of Housing & Community Development), Daniel Frockt (Chief Financial Officer), Gretchen Milliken (Director of Advanced Planning) and Allison Smith (Brownfields Program Manager) represented LMG.

Click here to read the development agreement.
Click here to read the scoresheet for all Urban Government Center redevelopment proposals 
Click here for to read the evaluation cover letter. 

Click here to read the public comments submitted on the redevelopment of the Urban Government Center.

Louisville Metro Government is in the process of determining the future use of the Urban Government Center located at 810 Barret Avenue in the Paristown Pointe neighborhood. The 12-acre site has functioned as office space for numerous government agencies over the past several years.

Responses to the Solitication of Interest are listed below by the development team that submitted them. A public meeting was held on April 17,2017 at the Main branch of the Louisville Free Public Library where all development teams presented their responses to the public. The public may also view a document detailing proposal review procedure and a letter sent to the developers

Solicitation of Interest responses 

Lifestyle Communities

The Marian Group 

Steve Smith



Presentations from April 17 public meeting

Metro staff

Lifestyles Communities

The Marian Group

Steve Smith



Click here to view the live stream video of the April 17 public meeting. 

Click here to view the comments provided by the public at the April 17 public meeting. 



810 Barret Avenue floor plans: Floor 1, Floor 2, Floor 3, Floor 4, Floor 5, Floor 6, Floor 7

Photo of Kentucky Baptist Hospital building

Old Kentucky Baptist Hospital Historic Preservation Design Report/Feasibility Study

In an effort to ensure that the redevelopment of the site meets the needs and desires of the community, Louisville Metro's Office of Advanced Planning conducted several design workshops in August 2016. Multiple exercises were utilized during the workshops aimed at soliciting citizen-based ideas for the future of the site. 

Urban Government Center

Attendees discussed elements of the site and surrounding areas that they would like to Preserve, Remove, Add, and Keep Out. 

Attendees were asked how the site should be repurposed to achieve the over-arching goals of Connectivity, Identity, Creativity, Energy, Health, and Living. 

​Click here for a compiled list of all the comments received

Louisville Metro worked with architecture students from the University of Kentucky's College of Design to disseminate the ideas presented at the workshop into a conceptual proposal for the site. This proposal was presented to the public in  a series of meetings in October 2016. Louisville Metro staff will now take the feedback from these workshops to continue to develop a concept that will eventually serve as the framework for the future redevelopment of the site. This framework will be presented to the public before any final determination of  site redevelopment.

During the week of December 12, 2016 Louisville Metro Government took measures to keep the Urban Government Center on Barret Avenue and Louisville Metro Housing Authority-owned building on Vine Street safe and secure while the visioning process for the property continues. 

At the request of the neighborhood, the driveway that connects Vine Street to Barret Avenue will remain open and the parking lot at the southeast corner of the property will remain accessible to support local businesses. Access also will be maintained to 768 Vine Street.

Environmental Assessment: Phase 1 (summary), Phase 2 (summary)

Mold Report: 768 Barret (summary), 810 Barret (summary), 825 Barret (summary), 850 Barret (summary)

Leads & Asbestos Report: 768 Barret (summary), 810 Barret (summary), 825 Barret (summary), 850 Barret (summary