Urban Government Center

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Louisville Metro Government is in the process of determining the future use of the Urban Government Center located at 810 Barret Avenue in the Paristown Pointe neighborhood. The 12-acre site has functioned as office space for numerous government agencies over the past several years.

Responses to the Solitication of Interest are listed below by the development team that submitted them. A public meeting was held on April 17 at the Main branch of the Louisville Free Public Library where all development teams presented their responses to the public. The public may also view a document detailing proposal review procedure and a letter sent to the developers

Solicitation of Interest responses 

Lifestyle Communities

The Marian Group 

Steve Smith



Presentations from April 17 public meeting

Metro staff

Lifestyles Communities

The Marian Group

Steve Smith



Click here to view the live stream video of the April 17 public meeting. 

Click here to view the comments provided by the public at the April 17 public meeting. 

The public may provide their thoughts on the proposals through June 9 via a comment form (click here), Develop Louisville social media (click here or here) or at the public meeting on April 17. 



810 Barret Avenue floor plans: Floor 1, Floor 2, Floor 3, Floor 4, Floor 5, Floor 6, Floor 7

Photo of Kentucky Baptist Hospital building

Old Kentucky Baptist Hospital Historic Preservation Design Report/Feasibility Study

In an effort to ensure that the redevelopment of the site meets the needs and desires of the community, Louisville Metro's Office of Advanced Planning conducted several design workshops in August 2016. Multiple exercises were utilized during the workshops aimed at soliciting citizen-based ideas for the future of the site. 

Urban Government Center

Attendees discussed elements of the site and surrounding areas that they would like to Preserve, Remove, Add, and Keep Out. 

Attendees were asked how the site should be repurposed to achieve the over-arching goals of Connectivity, Identity, Creativity, Energy, Health, and Living. 

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Louisville Metro worked with architecture students from the University of Kentucky's College of Design to disseminate the ideas presented at the workshop into a conceptual proposal for the site. This proposal was presented to the public in  a series of meetings in October 2016. Louisville Metro staff will now take the feedback from these workshops to continue to develop a concept that will eventually serve as the framework for the future redevelopment of the site. This framework will be presented to the public before any final determination of  site redevelopment.

During the week of December 12, Louisville Metro Government took measures to keep the Urban Government Center on Barret Avenue and Louisville Metro Housing Authority-owned building on Vine Street safe and secure while the visioning process for the property continues. 

At the request of the neighborhood, the driveway that connects Vine Street to Barret Avenue will remain open and the parking lot at the southeast corner of the property will remain accessible to support local businesses. Access also will be maintained to 768 Vine Street.

Metro Facilities will be boarding up the first floor windows of the buildings to keep the building secure. All utilities have been disconnected from both buildings and a guard will be on site at all times starting this week. 

If you have questions or would like more information please contact the Allison Smith with the Office of Advanced Planning at (502) 574-1569. 

FAQ on Urban Government Center redevelopment update
What does the timeline look like after the submittal deadline? How fast are you moving?
We expect that the review process will take place over several months and will likely include additional community meetings to discuss developer proposals.
Can you tell me about the assessments being done?
We completed a limited Phase II Environmental Assessment and a Historic Preservation Survey to understand building and site conditions. Final versions of these reports are posted to the Advanced Planning website for public review.
How will you involve the community?
Community members will have an opportunity to review developer proposals received in response to the SOI and to provide feedback on how well each responds to community priorities expressed during community visioning sessions.
What does the surrounding infrastructure look like? Water? Utilities? Age?
The site is served by all major utilities. Sewer infrastructure and property service connections can be identified using LOJIC, a local GIS mapping tool: www.lojic.org.
Any talk of affordable vs market-rate housing on the site?
Community priorities expressed during visioning meetings reflected many views on the creation of all types of housing at the site. There is a great need for affordable housing in Louisville (see Louisville CARES Fact Sheet and FAQs here: https://louisvilleky.gov/government/housing-community-development/louisv...), and Mayor Greg Fischer’s administration has prioritized addressing this issue in recent years through the creation of the $12 million Louisville CARES Program, designed to provide gap financing for the construction of affordable multi-family rental housing, and the allocation of $2.5 million to the Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund. Additionally, the Louisville Metro Council has required the creation of affordable housing units to families making 80% of Area Median Income for housing developments requesting public financial support through the creation of a Tax Increment Financing District.
Regarding the relocation of the equipment is there a relocation site it will be moved to? And will the developer be expected to take on all costs of relocation?
Any relocation costs would be the responsibility of the developer. No firm decision has been made regarding a future site for the equipment. These issues are subject to further discussion and negotiation, and dependent on MetroSafe’s operational needs.
Will Louisville Metro choose one development team or could more than one be selected?
Louisville Metro Government is interested in obtaining the best possible development scenario for the site, and one that reflects community and city priorities as set forth in the Solicitation of Interest. It is possible that multiple development partners could be selected to accomplish these goals.
Is it the intent of the solicitation that the selected development team would implement development?  
Is there any specific mix of professional expertise we are looking for in the development team?
The development team’s composition should respond to the community and city priorities and vision laid out in the Solicitation of Interest and reflect the team’s approach to site development and experience successfully completing projects of similar scope, scale and character.  
Are there plans of the hospital building and site on the website?
Are there sign-in sheets from the two informational meetings held at the site?
sheets were not officially collected.

Environmental Assessment: Phase 1 (summary), Phase 2 (summary)

Mold Report: 768 Barret (summary), 810 Barret (summary), 825 Barret (summary), 850 Barret (summary)

Leads & Asbestos Report: 768 Barret (summary), 810 Barret (summary), 825 Barret (summary), 850 Barret (summary