Lexington Road Safety Project

Louisville Metro is implementing a roadway design reconfiguration to improve safety on Lexington Road through the intersections of Grinstead Drive and Payne Street. This project is based on recommendations from the Lexington Road Corridor Transportation Plan that was created in 2015.
The currnet Average Daily Traffic (ADT) count along this section of Lexington Road is approximately 10,800 vehicles. The new lane configuration will accomodate the existing volume while improving functionality and safety.
The safety improvements include:
  • Reduction of travel lanes from four to two 
  • Extension of the left turn bay on eastbound Lexington Road to north bound Grinstead Drive (I-64 access point) to improve peak travel time function
  • Dedicated left turn lanes from Lexington Road onto Payne Street
  • Dedicated left turn lanes into the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana (2115 Lexington Rd) and The Woods at Lexington Road (2139 Lexington Rd)
  • Remaining right of way will be dedicated to striped medians and bicycle facilities along the corridor
Click here to view a simulation of Lexington Road traffic.