Heritage West

City and Louisville Urban League sign development agreement for $30 million redevelopment of Heritage West site

Mayor Greg Fischer today joined Sadiqa Reynolds, President and CEO of Louisville Urban League, and community leaders to announce that Louisville Metro Government (LMG) has entered into a development agreement with the Louisville Urban League (LUL) for the redevelopment of the Heritage West site, a 24-acre acre property in the Russell neighborhood. LUL’s master plan is centered on a 4,000-seat indoor and outdoor track and field facility and will feature community green space and outdoor event space.

“It’s an exciting time to be in west Louisville as it is experiencing nearly $1 billion in investment right now, and we are thrilled to add this sports and education complex to the list,” said the Mayor. “This project will activate a vacant lot, bring investment and jobs to the Russell neighborhood and serve as a healthy outlet for youth and adults from across our country. I applaud Sadiqa and her team at Louisville Urban League for their vision to bring a state-of-the-art sports facility to west Louisville.”

The development agreement states that, pending Metro Council approval, LMG will provide $10 million toward construction costs of the track. Construction is expected to begin in early 2019.

“There is no silver bullet in community revitalization and while sports may be part of an answer, track is not now, nor has it ever been the entire answer. While we can’t ignore the cries of our local track teams to ‘build this facility,’ this project is about more than sports. It is about economic opportunity, families traveling into our community with disposable income and the jobs and organic growth that will happen as a result of this catalytic project. It is truly about the need for a facility like this in our community and since it is to be built, why not right here in Russell,” said Sadiqa Reynolds, President and CEO of Louisville Urban League. “I am thrilled about the work we are about to do and the support this project has garnered, not just from the local community but from partners like the National Development Council (NDC), a national not-for-profit economic development agency that has been working to increase the flow of private capital into underserved areas for almost fifty years.” 

The complex will be designed to host a variety of sporting events supported by organizations such as USA Track and Field, and the NCAA, our local and regional public and private schools and local track teams. The facility also will feature retail space and related amenities and will be owned and operated by the LUL. Browne Engineering & Construction has been selected as the Project Manager and Moody Nolan has been selected as the architect.

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Responses to the Solitication of Interest are listed below by the development team that submitted them. A public meeting will be held from 6-8 p.m. on June 19 at Louisville Central Community Center (1300 W Muhammad Ali Blvd) where all development teams will present their responses to the public. The public may also view a procedure overview and letter sent to the developers

Solicitation of Interest responses

Denise Raine

Louisville Urban League: Part 1 / Part 2

Land Development Services

Louisville Food Cooperative

Hard copies of the responses will also be available for viewing at the Shawnee and Western branches of the Louisville Free Public Library. 

Presentations from June 19 meeting

Metro staff

Denise Raine

Louisville Urban League

Land Development Services

Louisville Food Cooperative

Click here to view the live stream of the June 19 public meeting. 

Click here to view the public comments submitted during the June 19 public meeting. 

Click here to view the answers provided by the development teams to questions that were asked at the June 19 public meeting. 

Click here to view all public comments submitted between June 19 and July 17. 

The public provided their thoughts on the proposals through July 17 via a comment form, Develop Louisville social media or at the public meeting on June 19.



Responses for the Heritage West solicitation of interest must be postmarked by midnight on May 22 OR delivered in person by 5:00 P.M. on May 22 to 444 S. Fifth Street, 6th Floor. Responses must be provided in PDF format on a flash drive, with all files clearly named for ease of understanding.

Louisville Metro Government is in the process of determining the future use of Heritage West located at 3029 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd in the Russell neighborhood. A Solicitation of Interest for the redevelopment of Heritage West has been issued. The city seeks a unique proposal to create and to implement an innovative and sustainable development plan for the property.
Redevelopment proposals should reflect the goals established in Vision Louisville—sustainability, economy, livability, connectivity, creativity, health and authenticity—and the Vision Russell priorities established through visioning meetings held in winter 2016 and 2017. 
Responses to the proposal are due no later than May 22 and should include:
  • A concept plan showing the general pattern of development proposed, mix of uses, and unit counts where applicable
  • An explanation of financing, including sources of funding proposed  and any city and state incentives anticipated to be requested
  • A list of development partners who will participate in each aspect of the proposed project. 
  • An explanation of the development team’s qualifications for undertaking a project of this size and scope.
  • A commitment to adhere to the fair labor standards contained in Chapter 37 of the Louisville Metro Code of Ordinances pertaining to minority, female and handicapped business enterprises.
Respondents are strongly encouraged to attend at least one of two informational sessions intended to provide an opportunity to view the Heritage West site and to ask representatives of Louisville Metro Government questions. These sessions will take place, weather permitting, on Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. and Saturday, April 15, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. at 3029 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd., at Heritage West.
Louisville Metro has partnered with the WLCC to gather information on the community’s vision for the redevelopment of Heritage West, and is committed to facilitating redevelopment that best reflects the needs and desires expressed by residents and other stakeholders during this process. To that end, members of the community will be involved in the selection of a development team and will have access to all materials provided as part of a response to this Solicitation of Interest.
Heritage West totals 23.86 acres and is located on the western border of the Russell neighborhood. The site is bounded on the west by an elevated rail line, to the south by a 6-acre property featuring a historic multi-story warehouse, to the east by single-family residences, a community orchard called “Produce Park,” and various light industrial uses, and to the north by a variety of single- and multi-family residences and neighborhood commercial uses.

After the SOI, will there be an RFP?

To clarify, there is one process, the SOI.  There is no intent to do an RFP at a later date.

What keeps this from going the Vision Russell route of allowing community members to simply submit ideas?

Any interested community members are welcome to submit their ideas to the Vision Russell webpage. Part of this process involves input from the community as to what they would like to see happen with the site.

What is being done to protect ideas offered through this process? Will the group that offers the winning idea be the same group that actually gets the opportunity to develop the site?

The SOI seeks developers and a development plan, so this is not a solicitation for ideas. Rather, those ideas must be partnered with a proposal for how the idea will become executed to become reality and identify the members of the proposed development team. 

Second, the community will have an opportunity to comment on the proposals. The transparency of this public process makes it which developer has which proposal, and if two proposals are similar, that will also be clear. The intent is, once the responses to the SOI have been reviewed with community input, to select the developer and that developer’s proposed plan that best reflects the needs and desires expressed by residents and other stakeholders.

What is happening with the building directly across Muhammad Ali Blvd?

Louisville Metro Government purchased this property, 3025 W. Madison Street, out of foreclosure earlier in 2017. Louisville Metro Government is in the process of understanding building conditions and has no definite plans for the building at this time.

Has the property been through an environmental assessment?

Yes, a link to a Phase III Environmental Assessment can be found on the Advanced Planning web page.

Is the city willing to parcel out pieces of the Heritage West Property for development or is the city only interested in responses that propose a development for the entire property?

Louisville Metro Government welcomes proposals for all or a portion of the Heritage West Property as described in the Solicitation of Interest.

Is there a complete layer of concrete or asphalt on the property?

The site is nearly completely covered by pavement.

Why has the ground water not been tested?

The Phase III Environmental Assessment contains a history of environmental investigation that took place at the Heritage West Property. Typically testing is only done where there is a suspicion that environmental contamination may exist. This suspicion may be based on the history of uses at the property in question or because the property is near another use that may have caused contamination. In this case, the environmental history of the Heritage West Property did not indicate that groundwater required testing.

Does the city have a  cost estimate for concrete removal?

There is no current estimate of these costs.

Is Heritage West a Brownfield site?

Yes. The definition of a “brownfield” includes any site having had a previous development, or a former commercial or industrial site where future development or use is impacted by actual or perceived environmental contamination. The Heritage West Property has actual environmental contamination, as described in the Phase III Environmental Assessment.

Does the city have any ideas for redevelopment of Heritage West?

Louisville Metro Government is interested in a development that reflects the principles of Vision Louisville and the community priorities as identified through community engagement conducted by the West Louisville Community Council.

Why did the West Louisville Foodport fold?

A. The cancellation of the West Louisville FoodPort was widely covered in the local media. See:  http://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/local/centralwest/2016/08/17/w...

What is the status of the $50,000 Gheens grant?

This grant was provided to Seed Capital Kentucky to support the development of the West Louisville FoodPort, and Louisville Metro Government is unaware of its current status. Seed Capital Kentucky returned all unused grant funds following the cancellation of the West Louisville FoodPort.

Are development incentives available for this property?

Development incentives are considered on a project-by-project basis. Development teams should include information about incentives sought as part of their responses to the Solicitation of Interest.

Are there underground tanks on this property?

See the Phase III Environmental Assessment for additional information about environmental conditions at the Heritage West Property.

Does the city have any plans for residential housing in this area?

The Heritage West Property is in the Russell Neighborhood where Louisville Metro Government is working with the Louisville Metro Housing Authority to create mixed income housing at Beecher Terrace. This effort is funded in part through a U.S. Housing and Urban Development Choice Neighborhood Grant, which focuses on a variety of projects, including housing, to make Russell a neighborhood of choice. See http://visionrussell.org/ for more information. In addition, Louisville Metro Government has been working with Rebound and Community Ventures to develop market rate housing on Cedar Street. See https://louisvilleky.gov/news/mayor-fischer-kicks-cedar-street-development and https://louisvilleky.gov/news/mayor-fischer-celebrates-first-completed-h....

If the community likes parts of several proposals, is it possible that Louisville Metro Government could select more than one developer to build at Heritage West?

Yes. Louisville Metro Government is interested in obtaining the best possible development scenario for the site, and one that reflects community and city priorities as set forth in the Solicitation of Interest. It is possible that multiple development partners could be selected to accomplish these goals. If multiple development partners are selected, each will be responsible for implementing the selected portion of their own plan, and Louisville Metro Government will serve as a project coordinator.

For questions concerning the Solicitation of Interest, please contact Laura Ferguson at (502) 574-3503 or [email protected].