Brownfield Redevelopment

A brownfield is a vacant or underutilized site where the threat of contamination has made redevelopment more complex. Brownfields come in all shapes and sizes. Common examples include abandoned manufacturing facilities, gas stations, and dry cleaners.

Bringing brownfields back into active use benefits the community by reducing blight and vacancy, creating jobs and amenities, and reducing hazards to human health and the environment. Furthermore, brownfield redevelopment can limit sprawl and take development pressures off greenspace and agricultural land.

Louisville Chemical Building

The owner of the Louisville Chemical building at 601 East LLC has requested a $1 million loan for environmental remediation from the Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund. This loan fund provides opportunities to finance remediation on properties where traditional financing may be difficult or impossible to obtain due to environmental issues, and allows those properties to be redeveloped and returned to more productive uses. This loan will leverage $3 million in private investment to return the property to commercial use.

As required by the EPA, an Analysis of Brownfield Clean-up Alternatives (“ABCA”) is provided for public review. Comments can be submitted through the form below. There will be also a public meeting on Monday, June 26, from 6:00-7:30 p.m. at the Liberty Green Community Center (500 E. Jefferson Street). The public comment period is an opportunity to provide information, ask a question or discuss an issue related to the proposed clean-up alternatives for the site. Public comments will be taken through July 15.

The Analysis of Brownfield Clean-up Alternatives for 601 E. Jefferson can be reviewed here

If you would like to provide a comment on this property, please do so here

Brownfield Assistance Programs

The Department of Economic Development administers two brownfields programs, funded through grants awarded to Louisville Metro by the EPA:
1. The Brownfield Assessment Program
2. The Brownfield Cleanup Revolving Loan Program

These programs provide technical and financial assistance to parties interested in buying or selling brownfields sites throughout Louisville Metro.

Louisville Environmental and Property Search
The LEAPS system was developed to help developers, citizens and other interested parties access information about:

  • Publicly reported environmental data related to properties across Louisville Metro
  • ​Properties owned or controlled by Louisville Metro Government, including those available for purchase and redevelopment
  • Access LEAPS here

If you are interested in a particular property, click on that property within the map for more information on how to contact the relevant Metro agency. Data on Metro-owned available properties is updated on a monthly basis; environmental property data is updated approximately once every six months.

For more information, please contact us or call 502-574-1569.