Brownfield assessment program

The Brownfield Assessment Program can help property owners and interested developers overcome some of the barriers presented by the potential presence of contamination. Assessments are often the first step in redeveloping vacant and underutilized properties that are thought to be contaminated, and will include the site’s history and current environmental conditions.

Louisville Metro received $400,000 from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to fund Louisville’s Brownfield Assessment Program. The Program funds environmental site assessments of brownfield sites potentially contaminated with petroleum and/or hazardous substances. The Brownfield Assessment Program funds 100% of the assessment costs, and is administered by the Department of Economic Growth and Innovation.

If assessments and acquisition of a brownfield site have already been completed, please see information on our Brownfield Cleanup Loan Program.

(NOTE: The Brownfield Assessment Program does not provide grant funding directly to prospective purchasers or developers to conduct their own assessments. However, the Department of Economic Development can perform the assessments on behalf of a prospective purchaser, using environmental consultants under contract with Louisville Metro Government.).

What areas of Louisville are eligible under the Brownfield Assessment Program?
The focus of the Program is the Park Hill Corridor area, a 2,100-acre area located in West Louisville that was the historic industrial core of the city (click the link for a map of the area). However, other community brownfield sites within Louisville Metro may be considered for brownfield assessment funding.

What are the eligible activities under the Brownfield Assessment Program?
· Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments of brownfields potentially contaminated with petroleum

· Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments of brownfields potentially contaminated with hazardous substances

· Brownfield cleanup and redevelopment planning (cleanup costs are not covered by this program; see our Brownfield Cleanup Loan Program)

For more information:
If you are interested in selling or purchasing and redeveloping a brownfield site, please contact us or call 502-574-4140 for more information.

The Department of Economic Development evaluates brownfields on a site-by-site basis, and considers various factors such as proposed end-use, potential job creation, location, and EPA eligibility requirements. 

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