Autonomous Vehicle Playbook

Few things fundamentally affect the nature, feel, and operation of a city like its transportation system. Decisions about it affect nearly every facet of the community, and so, it is crucial to Louisville’s future that as major changes emerge, Metro will stand ready to make the most informed decisions possible. Based on the level of testing underway and a raft of announcements from car makers and mobility providers, the commercial availability of autonomous vehicles (AVs) seems imminent. While projections of how, and how quickly, the technology will be adopted are still being debated, the potential for AVs to have a dramatic impact on how people and goods move to, from, and around makes for a compelling case to begin research and work toward the adoption of a policy framework that prepares for this technological shift while ensuring that mobility is enhanced in an equitable manner for all of Louisville’s residents.
MOVE Louisville, Louisville's 20 year transportation plan, calls for eight policy initiatives to meet existing needs, anticipate the future demands of transportation users and ensure long term-sustainability and high quality of life. One of those eight policy initiatives is to embrace smart mobility, which includes autonomous vehicles. New technologies, economies and growth patterns are changing how people get around in major metropolitan areas. MOVE calls for Louisville to begin to consider the potential benefits and implications of automated and connected vehicles. 
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To read Louisville Metro Government's Draft Policy on Autonomous Vehicles, please click here
Draft Autonomous Vehicle Playbook
Play 1: Infrastructure
  • Ensure that major infrastructure decisions focus on moving people and consider the effects of AVs
Play 2: Partnerships
  • Forge public and private partnerships to prepare for new regulatory and technological challenges, anticipate emerging technologies, and establish best practices.
Play 3: Parking
  • Prepare for fundamental shifts in parking demand
Play 4: Transit
  • Ensure AV technology supports TARC operations to strengthen our transit system
Play 5: Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Develop and maintain transportation technology and data infrastructure to encourage innovation and promote accountability
For more detailed information about our Playbook:

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