Move Louisville Project Maps

In October 2014, candidate project maps were presented at the Move Louisville public workshops. These maps represent previous candidate maps and the draft evaluations against the project goals. We invite you to view the maps and the project sheets, There are three map themes: Roads; Bicycle/Pedestrian; and Transit. Accompanying them is a list of the current projects that describes the projects, provides metric score against the goals, and rough estimate planning costs associated with the project.  

Feedback on the evaluation of projects was provided based on the following questions: 

  • Are the high performing projects the right kinds of projects for Louisville?
  • Should we spend a more balanced proportion of our budget on transit, pedestrian and bike projects to improve those systems?
  • Are there any specific projects that you feel are important despite evaluating poorly?  Why? 

We are using your feedback to translate these evaluations into an action plan for transportation investment. Soon, you can check back here to see maps of system recommendations for sidewalk, road, transit and bike projects so that you can see how it all fits together.


Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects

Road Projects          

Transit Projects