Completed/Adopted Neighborhood Plans and Studies

Most neighborhood/area plans are officially adopted by Metro Council, or other appropriate legislative body, and the Executive Summary of each plan is adopted as an amendment to Plan 2040, Louisville's comprehensive plan. Some planning processes do not meet the guidelines in Louisville Metro Government's neighborhood planning ordinance and cannot be officially adopted, but still represent important planning efforts. For clarity, these plans are referred to as "completed plans."


Adopted Neighborhood/Area Plans and Studies (Year Completed)

Belknap Neighborhood Plan (2000)

Bonnycastle Neighborhood Plan (2002)

Bowman Area Neighborhoods Plan (2020)

Butchertown Neighborhood Plan (2008)

Cane Run Road Neighborhood Plan (2016)

Deer Park Neighborhood Plan (2016)

Dixie Highway Corridor Master Plan (2013)

Dixie Highway Town Center (Lower Hunters Trace PDD Study) (2018)

Eastwood Neighborhood Plan (2005)

Fairdale Neighborhood Plan (2006)

Fairdale Village Center Plan (2018)

Glenview Neighborhood Plan (2010)

Highlands-Douglass Neighborhood Plan (2005)

Highview Neighborhood Plan (2015)

Highview Planned Development District (2016)

Irish Hill Neighborhood Plan (2002)

Irish Hill Neighborhood Plan Update (2017)

Jacobs Neighborhood Plan (2015)

Mockingbird Valley Neighborhood Plan (2006)

New Cut/Taylor Boulevard Corridor Study (2007)

Oakdale Neighborhood Plan (2016)

Old Henry Road Subarea Plan (2007)

Old Louisville/Limerick Neighborhood Plan (2000)

Original Highlands Neighborhood Plan (2006)

Parkland Neighborhood Plan (2017)

Park Hill Industrial Corridor Implementation Strategy (2009)

Phoenix Hill Neighborhood Plan (2008)

Portland Neighborhood Plan (2007)

Shawnee Neighborhood Plan (2013)

Smoketown/Shelby Park Neighborhood Plan (2002)

SoBro Neighborhood Plan (2007)

SoBro Planned Development District (2011)

South Dixie Highway Master Plan (2018)

South Floyds Fork Area Study (2020)

Southeast Metro Regional Center Planning Study (2012)

Taylorsville Road/Urton Lane Area Study (2007)

Tyler Rural Settlement District Neighborhood Plan (2008)

Vision Russell Transformation Plan (2017)

Westport Road Corridor Small Area Plan (2010) 

Wolf Pen Branch Neighborhood Plan (2005; revised 2012)


Completed Neighborhood/Area and Economic Development Plans and Studies (Not legislatively adopted)

Fern Creek Small Area Plan (2001)

Louisville Central Rail Corridor Plan (2015)

Jefferson Square Redesign (2019)

Market Drill Down Study (2008)

Regional Farmers Market Feasability Study (2008)

Retail Market Plan (2007)

Rubbertown Corridor Economic Development Strategy (2010)

West Louisville Competitive Assessment (2001)