Virtual Mental Wellness Summit

Virtual Mental Wellness Summit provides free talks on mental health, nutrition and more.


NAMI Louisville, in partnership with Mental Health Lou, will be hosting a virtual Mental Wellness Summit this October 5-9. The summit will consist of 5 days of mental health conversations focused on Relationships, Kids and Teens, LGBTQ families, Personal Growth and BIPOC Mental Health.

Mental Health Lou and NAMI, and a team of collaborators are behind Mental Health Month in the Ville, a month of mental health events during Mental Health Awareness month in May. They hosted over 25 events last year and 30 virtual events this year. Mental Health Lou’s mission is to decrease stigma and increase community awareness of mental health through connection, mobilization and education. “We want to help connect the community to all things mental health in Louisville and highlight the amazing wellness community that we already have,” says Amanda Villaveces, local therapist and Co-founder, “our goal is not to reinvent the wheel when it comes to mental health resources, but to help promote the many resources our city already has.”

Part of that promotion includes highlighighting providers through events like this October’s Summit, where local mental wellness experts will be in conversation with one another to discussing important mental health topics like Getting the Love You Want, focusing on ways to have better relationships, or Black Girl Magic discussing the positive benefits of empowerment for women of color as well as the stressors that come with it and Sex and the Pandemic a talk geared towards intimacy in these high stress times. Co-founder Shannon Gonter, LPCC states that “...this year’s mental health summit is going to be the kick off for Louisville’s break up with the mental health stigma and the start to strengthen, connect, grow, accept and normalize each and everyone's mental health journey...allowing our community to leave the shame at the door and bring their mental health with them everywhere they go…”

In addition to events, Mental Health Lou has recently rolled out a free Wellness Resource Guide. “It’s all inclusive” says Villaveces, “we look at mental health from a mind, body, community perspective and so our guide contains information on everything from acupuncturists to prescribers to bodyworkers and more.” For more information on the summit, resource guide or other Mental Health Lou services




Amanda Villaveces, LMFT

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Complete list of event date(s)
10/05/2020 - 8:15am