Making Social Media That Matters Teen Camp

Whether it be bullying, gun violence, animal cruelty, racial justice or climate action, there are so many issues catching the attention of today's youth. At Peace Ed's Making Social Media That Matters Summer Camp, July 11 - 13, young people will teach each other the best and most important tools for using social media to advance causes of justice.
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This three-day PeaceCasters workshop is for people age 12-17 who want to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all social media to create positive change and affect their world (and maybe make some memes while they're at it). Our focus will be on building communication skills and best practices for a respectful social media lifestyle. It will be designed and presented by other young people and is all 100% hands-on.
Session topics will include:
§ Social Media Success Stories
§ Going Viral - Building Followings
§ Creating Messages With Meaning
§ Exploring Popular Platforms
§ Creating Graphics That "Pop"
§ Responding to online bullying

Participants must be ready and willing to interact in small groups.

Central Church
318 West Kentucky St
Louisville, KY 40203
Mark Steiner
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Complete list of event date(s)
07/11/2018 - 10:00am to 07/13/2018 - 3:00pm