Learning Physics with Legos at Rainbow Blossom

Legos are exciting educational "tools" for our kids. but they are often not used fully. Zaniac builds on our children's passion to play with Legos by also teaching important science concepts AND creating bridges to other STEAM subjects such as computer programming. By combining hardware and software, math and design, and more, Zaniac brings true appreciation of STEAM to our children. An in-depth understanding of STEAM subjects and our children's innate strength, Imagination, allows Zaniac to create Innovators for tomorrow's economy.

Bring Joy Back Into Education! The Future Will Require Our Kids to Be Creative and Innovative. By Igniting Their Imagination, Zaniac Prepares Our Kids For Tomorrow's Jobs.

Try Zaniac's Proprietary Curriculum for free and see if it is right for your child! Upcoming school-break camps, courses at Zaniac, and courses at various local schools are available in Math, (STEM) Reading, Technology, and Chess. Visit our campus or find out more at zaniaclearning.com/hurstbourne. You can also call (844) KID-STEM with your questions.

Louisville, KY 40205
Tammy Gnagy
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02/22/2018 - 6:00pm