Free Home&Personal Security Consultation

Due to natural disasters (Hurricane Irma in particular), the number of robberies in the affected cities increased. In this regard, for citizens who have been victims of robberies ACT Security and Secret Storages hold a series of events in order to increase the security of the home from burglars and natural disasters.

The event will tell you about the basic methods of home protection, equipment to protect important documents, money and valuables from destruction by fire, water and so on. Also we will talk about the basic skills of survival in natural disasters.

The event is designed to increase your competence in self-defense and protection of your home and values.

To participate in the consultation, you must register on our website in the event registration form. After that, we will contact you and specify additional data, after which we will send an invitation.

Preference will be given to victims of robberies or attacks.

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Complete list of event date(s)
02/13/2018 - 5:45am