Beaumont Inn: Two Centuries of Service - John David Myles

Beaumont Inn: Two Centuries of Service traces the property’s evolution from the Greenville Springs, an early watering place, through three-quarters of a century as a school for young women, first as the Greenville Institute, later Daughters College, and lastly Beaumont College. When it was no longer sustainable as an educational institution, it became the Beaumont inn, famed across the nation for its food, hospitality, and the dedication of the Goddard and Dedman families have devoted to its survival and the enjoyment of their guests. This book is lavishly illustrated and will be cherished by those who have been guests at the inn and will tempt those who have never fallen under its magic to make a reservation without delay.

John David Myles is an attorney, former circuit judge, and preservationist. He has written and lectured on architecture for The Filson Historical Society in his native Kentucky and prepared a number of historical and architectural reports on southern hunting plantations for Plantation Services, Inc., in Charleston, South Carolina. Myles has also consulted on numerous restoration and renovation projects. He is the author of Historic Architecture of Shelby County, Kentucky, 1792-1915.

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