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Let us Remind you of your junk set out date.

Wondering When to Set Out Your Junk?
Just enter your address in the 311 Service Lookup box on this page to check your set out dates and to sign up for our junk pickup text or email reminder tool. Visit our junk disposal page for details about junk set-out.

Louisville 311 Mobile App

MetroCal 311 Mobile App
The MetroCall Mobile App allows you to submit service requests on the fly, including reporting potholes, issues with traffic signals, reporting a stray animal, drainage issue, garbage and recycling information and much, much more! Learn more.

New Maps Help Residents & Businesses Find it Fast!
Recently Codes & Regulations announced a better way to map construction permits. Now you can find property maintenance cases & ABC Licenses on a map too! Click here to see all of our maps.

Report a Problem Online

Connect with MetroCall 311 Online to Report Issues
Is there a street sign down? Do you drive by potholes? Do you walk by a crumbling sidewalk? If you notice these or other problems then you should report this to us! Click here.

Did you know you can map crime around an address and sign up for crime notifications from Louisville Metro Police. Learn more.

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About MetroCall 311
Did you know that MetroCall has been the customer service center for the City of Louisville and now Metro Louisville for 25 years? MetroCall 311 started as CityCALL in 1989 in order to help reduce government red tape and improve accountability. It’s the place where you can request a service, offer a suggestion, ask a question, share an opinion, register a complaint and even pass on a compliment relating to city services and events.  Learn more.