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    ... tax of 3% on cable/satellite TV revenues into the ... The Revenue Cabinet distributes these funds to all local ... Payments from this fund offset the loss of ...


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    ... Revenue Commission Payments Subtotal 304,252,884 ... Intergovernmental Revenue Subtotal ... Current Revenues Total 524,285,566 542,824,500 ...


  3. Pay Your Taxes Online | LouisvilleKy.gov

    ... The Louisville Metro Revenue Commission offers various electronic payment options for paying your local business license taxes. ...


  4. Pay by Credit Card | LouisvilleKy.gov

    ... with Louisville Metro Revenue Commission, Official Payments Corporation offers ... In order to process your payment, Official Payments ...


  5. Revenue & Taxes | LouisvilleKy.gov

    ... bid. Revenue & Taxes Toolbox. ... to… Set up an account, see customized information, check payment due dates, and more! ...


  6. Revenue Commission | LouisvilleKy.gov

    ... Skin Deep. View All Events. Revenue Commission Toolbox. ... Set up an account, see customized information, check payment due dates, and more! ...


  7. Down Payment Assistance Program | LouisvilleKy.gov

    ... Down Payment Assistance Program. Homebuyer Assistance Program. The Homebuyer Assistance Program provides qualified ...


  8. Pay Monthly Parking | LouisvilleKy.gov

    ... Credit Card: Credit Card payments using American Express, Discover, MasterCard and ... Patrons may also drop off their monthly payment after hours ...


  9. Post Bond or Add Money to an Account | LouisvilleKy.gov

    ... Payment in person for an inmate's bond, can be accepted 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Inmate bond payments can be posted in person at the Hall ...


  10. Inmate Account | LouisvilleKy.gov

    ... Forms of payment accepted to send money to inmate's account: ... To make payments, you must have: Inmate's Name, and CIN#. ...


Showing results 1 - 10 for Revenue payments