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  1. lmems_protocols_-_final_version_2.01.pdf | LouisvilleKy.gov

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  2. Louisville Metro Government

    ... reviews of all cases that involved seven selected protocols. ... 2) Risk of EMT class not yielded certified ... become employed with a local EMS service. ...


  3. Medical Protocols | LouisvilleKy.gov

    ... Medical Protocols. Louisville Metro EMS has some of the most progressive and innovative medical protocols in the state. ... EMS Protocols. ...


  4. Office of Medical Direction and Oversight | LouisvilleKy.gov

    ... for completeness and protocol compliance. Protocols are developed based on the latest clinical research, allowing Louisville Metro EMS to stay on ...


  5. Latest Revision Date: 03/27/2014

    ... If arrest was witnessed by EMS or Fire ... blankets and the warm ambulance; • Conscious patients ... Vein Open; • Follow other protocols as appropriate ...


  6. Full page photo

    ... 9 Page 18. 1 Upgrade sidewalks and roadways 2 Improve EMS service delivery 3 Reduce crime 4 Make more services available online ...


Showing results 1 - 6 for EMS Protocols