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Registration Forms

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Registration Application

Business Net Profit Returns

Occupational License Return


OL-3 Form Instructions

(OL-3 Instructions)


Occupational License Short Return


OL-3EZ Form Instructions

(OL-3EZ Instructions)


Occupational License Short Return


Occupational License Quarterly Deposit


Occupational License Extension Request


OL-3 Extension Request Instructions


Family Limited Partnership Annual Informational Questionnaire

FLP Questionnaire


Venture Capital Fund Annual
Informational Questionnaire

VCF Questionnaire




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Submit OL-3 Return
Submit OL-3 Extension


Employer Withholding Returns

Quarterly Withholding Return



Monthly Deposit Form


Annual Reconciliation Form



Federal Employee Withholding Return



KIRA Withholding


KJDA\KBI Withholding with rate of .5%


KJDA\KBI Withholding with rate of .75%


KJDA\KBI Withholding with rate of 1%


KJRA Withholding with rate of .5%



KJRA Withholding with rate of .75%


KJRA Withholding with rate of 1%



Exemption from Withholding for Military Spouse

W-1 M


Submit a Single W1 Return

Instructions for Submitting Multiple W1 Return(s) Electronically
Submit Multiple W1 Returns


Insurance Premium Tax Return


Insurance Premium Reconciliation Return

Transient Room Tax Returns
Transient Room

* Effective August 1, 2014, the transient room tax increased to eight and one-half percent (8.5%).   The tax return and payment at the eight and one-half percent (8.5%) rate will be due September 30, 2014. * 

Non-Employee Compensation Forms

Non-Employee Compensation


Instructions for Submitting 1099 Data Electronically
Submit Electronic 1099 Data

Employee Withholding Refund Request

Application for Employee Refund of Occupational Taxes Withheld



Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer Guide and Authorization Form

ACH Credit Authorization Form Only

Employee Annual Wage Reporting

Instructions for Submitting W2 Data Electronically
Submit W2 Data




Effective July 1, 2008, Chapter 110 of the Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Code of Ordinances relating to the Occupational License Tax was amended.  The Regulations of the Metro Revenue Commission are currently being revised to reflect the changes in the Ordinance.  As always, any interpretation of the Regulations which is inconsistent with the Ordinance is to be resolved in favor of the Ordinance.  To view the amended Ordinance, click here