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Welcome to the Louisville Metro Public Works, Solid Waste Management Division

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We offer a variety of services that make waste disposal both convenient and environmentally sound. We provide garbage, yard waste, recycling and junk collection in the Urban Services District and promote waste reduction and recycling throughout Louisville Metro.  Private waste haulers, regulated by the Metro Waste Management District, provide household waste removal in the Suburban Areas.

We are governed by the Louisville Metro Solid Waste Ordinance and enforce the provisions contained therein.  Our division provides direct services to the citizens of Louisville Metro and supports many department, agency and neighborhood functions with our personnel and equipment.

In addition, the department is an integral part of the Louisville Metro Snow Removal Program and is responsible for some 700 miles of roadway in the Urban Services District.

Garbage is collected and delivered to the local landfills. Grass, leaves and other yard waste are collected separately from garbage and delivered to a local compost facility.

Recyclables are collected at curbside in the urban area as well as staffed and unstaffed drop-off sites located throughout Louisville Metro. Items are processed and marketed to businesses that use recycled materials to produce new products.


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Solid Waste Management
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