Louisville Farm to Table

Louisville Farm to Table's mission is to increase the capacity of the local food system by working to increase production, marketing, distribution and sales of Kentucky edible agriculture products and to meet the demand of Louisville's market for local foods.

The effort includes brokering deals and relationships, creating public forums to identify and overcome barriers to progress, and working with institutions such as Jefferson County Public Schools. The goal is to make the flow of Kentucky-grown products into the city more seamless, giving easier access to the folks who are interested in procuring local products.

To get involved with local food as an individual:

  • Click here for "Community Gardens In Louisville: A Start-Up Guide," a step by step guide to starting a community garden in Jefferson County.
  • Shop at restaurants, grocery stores and other places to buy local food.
  • Be a part of the Food In Neighborhoods Community Coalition

To get involved with local food as a business owner, you may qualify to take advantage of the Louisville Agribusiness Loan Program if you use a Kentucky grown product and locate in the Portland neighborhood.

Louisville Farm to Table is made possible through generous grants and support from the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board, Department of Health and Human Services, and Mayor's Healthy Hometown.