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Louisville Named a "Best City for Young Entrepreneurs"

Friday March 22, 2013

Saying a city’s business resources, lifestyle and culture are important to entrepreneurs looking to start a business, a leading online publication has ranked Louisville the third best U.S. city in its “30 Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs for 2013.”

The ranking is from “Under30CEO”, one of several online publications that target “educated, ambitious, 20-somethings.” The publication selected 30 U.S. cities then asked its readers to vote on the best location for opening a new company based on resources, culture, atmosphere and overall appeal to young entrepreneurs.

“One of our top goals is making Louisville a city of innovation – a city that provides support for and appeals to young people with big ideas and new businesses,” said Mayor Greg Fischer. “This type of ranking shows we are making progress and getting attention for being a city with great balance, resources and a strong quality of life.”

Fischer cited city government’s recent workshops focusing on crowd-funding support for entrepreneurs and start-up businesses and the Hack-A-Thon which drew many young tech-savvy participants as examples of local support. He also noted the city’s arts and music scene and the emerging bourbon culture and related attractions as elements attractive to young business people.

In its ranking, “Under30CEO” praised Louisville’s vibrancy, support for numerous universities and colleges and the huge college sports scene. It also noted the city’s leading role in the shipping and cargo industry, thanks in large part to the presence of the UPS Worldport hub. It also cited the report by the Kauffman Foundation that in 2011 Louisville outperformed the nation in being home to fast-growth companies.

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