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What do all these bicycle facilities and symbols mean?
Louisville is creating an all ages and abilities citywide bike network; a network that meets the needs of our neighborhoods, businesses, and helps make our streets safer for everyone. Learn more about the new bike infrastructure and how all the new lanes & symbols work.


Back-In Angle Parking

Back-in Angle Parking, a new spin on an old skill.
Back-in Angle Parking is a safe type of angle parking that the city is currently investigating. 
Click here to find out more about Back-in Angle Parking. 

A comprehensive look at crash data in Louisville, Kentucky
from 2003-2012 and recommendations for improved bicycle safety

Please click here to view the full report (PDF)

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Bike Louisville Overview
Bike Louisville is a program in Metro Government that works to create a bicycling environment that is safe, efficient, and enjoyable for riders of all ages and levels of experience. The program is broken down into five E's and each E has team members from inside and outside local government. The 5 E's are:

  • Education
  • Enforcement
  • Encouragement
  • Engineering
  • Evaluation

This website serves as a clearinghouse for bicycling maps, education, programs, events, organizations, clubs, shops, and infrastructure.

In addition to planning efforts related to the Five E's, Bike Louisville serves as an access point for input from the cycling community and the general public.

Contact Us

Rolf Eisinger
Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator
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Dirk Gowin
Project Coordinator
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Jeff Brown
Engineer Manager
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Sgt. Phil Russell
LMPD Enforcement
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Geoffrey Hobin
Special Projects Manager
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