Youth Detention

The Department for Youth Detention Services (YDS) was created by Executive Order pursuant to Kentucky Revised Statutes and local government action to fulfill statutory and other responsibilities for the provision of juvenile detention services in the community. When possible, youth are placed in the least restrictive environment along a detention continuum of care.

Community Based Services provide a variety of community based court support services to assist the courts and juvenile justice system in delivering the highest quality of supervision for youth while they await disposition of their court cases. These least restrictive services include Court Process Unit, Court Liaison, Alternative Placement Service, Home Incarceration Program, and Home Supervision Program.

Secure Detention Services fosters a safe environment providing structured supervision and care of youth pending disposition, by offering programs to further their educational, physical, psychological, and social development. We provide the most restrictive, healthy environment for youth through compliance with state licensure regulations and national standards for accreditation by the American Correctional Association and National Commission on Correctional Health Care.