Maps & Data

Open Data Portal
Visit our  Open Data Portal which features the most popular data sets for download in an improved interface, with more options to view, sort and filter. That’s great for anyone wanting to see city data, and for IT developers wanting to build apps or online tools in creative new ways using city data.   

LouieStat, one of the core programs administered by the Office of Performance Improvement, uses data to help Metro Government departments answer each one of these questions. Find out how we're doing.

Codes & Regulations Online Search Tools
Search for construction permits, planning & zoning applications, property maintenance cases, ABC licenses, building reports, pva reports and vacant properites.  You can also apply for an electrical & HVAC permit online.

Map IT
(Find junk pickup, garbage and recycling dates for your address)
Allows users to map city services and locations around an address or by choosing different services by location. Including junk pickup dates, garbage & recycling dates, fire and police stations, drivers license locations, vehicle registration locations, metro government offices, housing and social services and much more.

Crime Mapping Tool
Use the interactive crime mapping tool to map crime around your home or business. Click on our Quickfind tool to subscribe to alerts from Metro Police by police division and beat.

Property Locator & Market

Greater Louisville Prospector is a website that allows users to identify available commercial property. The website also provides data including workforce demographics, business information, and interactive maps. The data is created and displayed using a Geographic Information System (GIS) that combines layers of information in order to better understand comprehensive details about a specific location and is powered by GIS Planning's LOIS software. The website is provided by the Greater Louisville, Inc., and is FREE.

Where do I Vote?
Allows registered voters in Jefferson County to find their polling location and also provides information about their representatives including contact information. If your address cannot be located, please call the Jefferson County Election Center at (502) 574-6100 for your polling location.

Ride the City Louisville
Map safe bicycle routes online in Louisville. Just drag these icons to the map.

Louisville Air Pollution Maps
APCD and the U.S. EPA's AirNow provide live maps of air quality in the metropolitan Louisville area. Each link opens in a new window.
Property Maintenance Mapping

The new property maintenance mapping tool displays currently open cases in Louisville on a easy to find map. Clickable icons offer detailed information, such as case type, location, date and a link to the full case history.

Alcohol, Beverage & Control License Mapping

The new alcohol, beverage & control (ABC) license mapping tool shows currently active licenses in Louisville. Detailed information, including the license type, location and expiration date can be found by clicking on the map icons, or by scrolling down to see the information in a list.

Construction Permits Mapping

Our construction review permit shows currently open electrical and HVAC permits in Louisville. The map allows users to filter the data by single family, multi family, industrial, commercial and miscellaneous, and clickable icons show the full detail of the open permit.

LOJIC Online Map

The purpose of the LOJIC Online Map is provide a geographic view of our community that will help us determine how we will grow and change. This map replaces LOJIC's Standard Information Map, Aerial Photography Map and the Geodetic Control Map and is a one of a kind planning tool that accesses many of the geographic layers created and maintained by staff from across the LOJIC Partnership. It is the most up to date geographic information available in our community.

Snow Routes Map
The Louisville snow-fighting team hits the streets to make sure Louisville keeps moving. During a snow emergency, this map is updated continuously to show you the roads that have been pretreated, salted and plowed in your area.

PVA's Online Property Search
The Jefferson County Property Valuation Adminstration's (PVA) basic property search tool.