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Louisville Metro Makes More Information Available Online for Citizens

Tuesday October 16, 2012

New Open Data Portal one more step in opening city government to citizens

Louisville Metro Government is now making it easier for citizens to find and use city government data and information. From animal adoption rates to alcoholic beverage permits to crime statistics, construction permits and property maintenance cases – it’s all available at the city’s new Open Data Portal (

Similar in design and function to the federal ( site, Metro Government’s Open Data Portal presents city data in a format that’s easy for people to access and use, and automates the process for presenting the data online, saving city staff time and taxpayer money.

“We are committed to increasing the openness, effectiveness and transparency of city government and this new and improved site is helping with our goal by providing anytime access and views into the very latest city data in an easy to use format,” Mayor Greg Fischer said.

The Open Data Portal features the most popular data sets for download in an improved interface, with more options to view, sort and filter, according to Beth Niblock, the city’s chief information officer.

“That’s great for anyone wanting to see city data, and for IT developers seeking to build apps or online tools in creative new ways using city data.”

The data site offers the following:

  • Raw data sets for city expenditures, employee salaries, board members, park locations and amenities, animal services population results, news and calendar events and links to other sites with useful data and maps;
  • Fast data delivery;
  • The most accurate data with automatic uploading -- eliminating manual processes;
  • Published data sources via API that can be exposed with metadata and filtering views giving IT developers more flexibility in how they can use the data;
  • Cost savings as the site was built in-house without the cost of using an outside vendor which helps city government save on data maintenance and publishing;
  • A design that functions well with iPads, tablets, and smart phones.

Louisville Metro Government is rapidly earning a national reputation for technology and transparency. Earlier this year the city’s website --- --- was named the best city government website in the U.S. by the Center for Digital Government.

In April, Metro Government was ranked among the top 10 city governments in using social media to engage and communicate with citizens. The ranking came from the University of Illinois Chicago which placed Louisville 8th, just behind New York, Seattle, Portland and San Francisco, among others.