Office of Sustainability Newsroom

City to Participate in Earth Hour

Friday March 15, 2013

City-owned buildings will be dark for at least one hour on Saturday, March 23, at 8:30 p.m., as Louisville participates in World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour.

Earth Hour is a global movement uniting people to protect the planet. Towards the end of March every year, Earth Hour brings together communities from across the world celebrating a commitment to the planet by switching off lights for one designated hour. Earth Hour aims to encourage an interconnected global community to share the opportunities and challenges of creating a sustainable world.

“The city is excited to participate in this challenge and it aligns with our community’s goal of sustainability,” Mayor Fischer said. “Taking the first step is as easy as turning off your lights, and I challenge local businesses and residents to participate in Earth Hour, so that together we can make a real impact.”

The city will monitor the reduced energy use in the participating buildings as well as quantify the associated cost savings as a result of our efforts.

Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh, who chairs the Metro Council’s Sustainability Committee, initiated the request to President King to have City Hall participate in Earth Hour. “I commend both Mayor Fischer and Metro Council President King for including Metro Hall and City Hall in this global event.”

According to World Wildlife Fund, people in cities and towns around the country are facing increasingly extreme weather, and as climate change worsens, dangerous weather events are becoming more frequent and severe, necessitating cities to be increasingly prepared for power outages.

Earth Hour encourages individuals, businesses and governments to show leadership on environmental solutions through their actions, to use Earth Hour as a platform to showcase to the world what measures they are taking to reduce their environmental impact. Earth Hour asks everyone to take personal accountability for their impact on the planet and make behavioral changes to facilitate a sustainable lifestyle.

For more information, or to participate as a business or resident, visit