Drop Off Locations

Louisville Metro Solid Waste currently has 4 staffed and 13 unstaffed drop-off locations for recycling. Use the map below to find the one closest to you or see location addresses below the map.

Four designated staffed recycling centers now accept used cooking oil. A recycling attendant will assist citizens in dropping-off any vegetable cooking oil that is liquid at room temperature, including olive, soybean and canola oils. This is a residential service only, no businesses may drop-off oil. 100% recycled oil is used in the production of biodiesel fuel.

Staffed Recycling Drop-Off Locations

Hours of operation are: Tuesday to Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM

  1. East District Public Works Yard
    595 N. Hubbards Lane (On the corner of Brownsboro Road.)
    Food waste will no longer be accepted after August 1, 2014
  2. Metro Parks Landscaping
    9300 Whipps Mill Road
  3. Southwest Government Center
    7219 Dixie Highway**
  4. Central Government Center
    7201 Outer Loop

To find a list of acceptable items, go to Recyclable Materials.

**Accepts anti-freeze and motor oil (no containers larger than 5 gallons) and oil filters.

PLEASE NOTE: Batteries must be dropped off at the hazardous materials drop-off site, HAZ BIN, located 7501 Grade Lane. Click here for more information.

Unstaffed Recycling Drop-Off Locations

    1. Metro Fire Company
      3228 River Park Drive
    2. Metro Fire Company
      1500 South 6th Street
    3. Metro Fire Company
      235 East Jefferson Street
    4. Metro Fire Company
      2620 Frankfort Avenue
    5. Middletown Firehouse
      108 Urton Lane
    6. Metro Fire Company
      4535 Manslick Road
    7. Beechmont Community Center
      205 W. Wellington Avenue
    8. Metro Parks Maintenance
      1297 Trevilian Way
    9. Bowman Field License Branch
      3501 Roger E. Schupp Street
    10. Metro Fire Company
      2900 Hikes Lane
    11. Fern Creek Firehouse
      7700 Routt Road
    12. E. P. Tom Sawyer Park
      3000 Freys Hill Road
    13. Fairdale Volunteer Fire Department
      10015 Mitchell Hill Rd

    14. Sun Valley Community Center
      6505 Bethany Lane


Unstaffed Recycling Drop-Off Guidelines

  • Deposit newspapers in brown paper bags in the “paper” compartment
  • Combine all acceptable paper items other than newspapers in a separate brown paper bag and deposit in the “paper” compartment
  • Deposit all acceptable glass, metal, aluminum and plastic items in the designated compartment.
  • No plastic bags please. They get tangled in the processing equipment.

                      To find a list of acceptable items, go to Recyclable Materials.