Recycling for Residents

Recycling is available to all Louisville Metro residents, either through Curbside Recycling collection or through Drop-off Recycling Locations. Even if your area is not serviced by Louisville's Solid Waste Management, curbside collection is still available to you. Private waste haulers are required by Metro Solid Waste Regulations to offer curbside recycling collection to any customer who requests it. If you're not recycling, check out the benefits of recycling and get started. If you already recycle, thanks, and keep up the good work!


All households within the Urban Services District in residential buildings with eight or fewer units are eligible for curbside recycling serviced by Louisville Metro. Click here to see what you can recycle at your home.

The Division of Solid Waste Management provides an 18-gallon orange plastic container to the property owner at no charge.  Residents who rent may request a bin through their landlord or purchase a bin for $10.  Residents may also purchase 95-gallon recycling carts for $50 a piece. 
To purchase a cart online, click on the link below

Order Garbage
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Request a cart by calling MetroCall 311.

Curbside Collection Schedule

Recyclables are picked up on a once a week, Monday thru Friday, on the same day that yard waste is collected. Different trucks collect yard waste and recyclables so they will not be picked up at the same time.

Find your recycling pickup day online by clicking on "Map It" on the upper left side of this page.  To report a missed pickup, phone MetroCall at 311 or 574.5000.  Please wait until after 6PM.  The same Holiday Collection Schedule applies as stated under Residential Garbage.

Curbside Collection Guidelines

Always use the recycling bin furnished even if additional containers are necessary for more items. The orange bin is the signal for the driver to stop.  If there is no orange bin present, the collection crew may not pick up your recyclables.

  • All of your household recyclables can go directly into your orange recycling container! Click on Recyclable Materials below to see the acceptable items and categories.
  • Your recycling cart should be set out by 6 AM on collection day and no earlier than 4 PM on the previous day.
  • Please remove your bin or cart from the street or alley as soon as possible after collection.
  • The collection crew will not take items that are not included in the recycling program.  Here is a list of Recyclable Materials.  A notice will be left explaining why some items were not collected.  Call MetroCall at 311 or 574.5000 if you have questions. 
  • Flatten what you can. Use brown paper bags or a sturdy container for extra items and place these items beside your bin or cart.
  • Non-recyclable material set out in a recycling bin will not be collected.

Condominium Recycling Within the Urban Services District

Residents of condominiums may make arrangements for recycling through their condominium associations. If the association chooses to participate in this service, an authorized representative can request the service by calling MetroCall at 311 or 574.5000. Condo complexes are serviced once per week and materials are collected using specially marked 90-gallon totes. Click here for a list of Recyclable Materials.

For residents who live in multifamily housing not serviced by curbside recycling, there are 11 drop-off sites and 5 staffed locations throughout Metro Louisville. Click here for a list of the staffed and unstaffed Recycling Locations.


Recycling collection outside Louisville's Urban Services District is the responsibility of the individual residents/property owners and is contracted through private haulers. Check out the Recycling Resources to learn more about your options.  These entities are also listed in the Yellow Pages under “Garbage & Rubbish Removal.” Your private waste hauler can provide you with a collection schedule and guidelines for pickup.

Many small cities in Jefferson County have contracts with private haulers to provide curbside recycling collection.  Residents should contact their city administrator for recycling guidelines and acceptable materials.

Residents of the entire Metro area may also take recyclables to any drop-off location or staffed recycling center. Click here for a list of the staffed and unstaffed 
Recycling Locations or phone MetroCall at 311 or 574.5000.