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Solid Waste Newsroom 

New Surveillance Cameras Installed to Fight Illegal Dumping

Friday May 10, 2013

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (May 10, 2013) – Mayor Greg Fischer and members of the Metro Council announced the installation of 19 new surveillance cameras to help catch illegal dumpers in the act, more than tripling the amount of cameras previously in use.

“This is a true quality of life issue,” Fischer said. “We want to stop people from turning neighborhoods into dump sites. These new, state-of-the-art cameras are a powerful tool to combat this problem. We will not tolerate any illegal dumping in Louisville -- and we have a message for dumpers. Smile, because we’re watching you.”

The new cameras are self-contained solar-powered, motion-activated that can detect motion from a long range. They have a high resolution that makes it easy to retrieve details in the photos captured. They also shoot well at night, when illegal dumping often takes place.

The cameras are also portable, which means they can change locations to target illegal dumping activity. The 19 locations will not be disclosed to maximize the cameras’ impact.

The 19 cameras, which cost just over $60,000, were funded by nine Metro Council members through their Neighborhood Development Funds including Attica Scott (D-1), Mary Woolridge (D-3), David Tandy (D-4), Cheri Bryant Hamilton (D-5), David James (D- 6), Rick Blackwell(D-12), Marianne Butler, (D-15), Madonna Flood (D-24), and Brent Ackerson (D-26).

“I commend Solid Waste and the Metro Council for continuing to work together to catch the people that are illegally dumping in our community,” Councilwoman Marianne Butler said. “I appreciate the patience shown from neighbors; I know it is very frustrating to continually have dumping going on in your alleyway. I applaud them and will continue to help them take their neighborhood back.”

“People that we serve have had enough. We as a Council have had enough! It is past time for us to take real action on this kind of illegal activity,” Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-1) said.

The cameras will be the perfect complement to the ordinance Metro Council amended last year to allow vehicles involved in illegal dumping to be impounded by law enforcement.

The Illegal Dumping ordinance reads that Metro Louisville will hold the vehicle for six months up to 12 months. The vehicle will be held for six months and will not be released until there is proof that all fines for illegal dumping, cleanup costs and tow lot fees have been paid. Fines can range from $250 to $5000 and clean up fees are a minimum of $250. The towing fee charged by LMPD is $112. There is also a $13 administrative cost. The Impound Lot charges $13 a day for storage. The initial first day cost is $138.

So far, four vehicles have been impounded under the ordinance.

If citizens witness any illegal dumping, they can report it by dialing MetroCall 311 or by visiting . Forms are available there to report illegal dumping activity and identify illegal dumpers caught on camera as well as other information.