Parking Authority (PARC) Newsroom

Mayor Fischer Announces Pre-Purchase of Parking For Downtown Events

Friday October 28, 2011

Locating and paying for downtown parking is more convenient

Downtown patrons now have the ability to purchase parking in advance for downtown events, at PARC locations, announced Mayor Fischer today.

“In an effort to improve customer service and make the prospect of searching for parking easier, we have improved our technology to give downtown parkers the ability to preselect their parking and pay in advance.”

This new service is available now: 

Patrons will follow step-by-step instructions how to purchase parking at the desired facility, with the choice of either printing a receipt, or sending the receipt to your smart phone. PARC staff will scan the barcode as the patron enters the facility. A space is guaranteed upon payment.

Pre-sell event parking is available at PARC facilities near select events. PARC works with downtown event venues to determine appropriate staffing levels in garages, which is necessary to scan the prepaid receipt.

PARC provides public parking to meet needs of the community, with 16 garages and 5 lots in and around the central business district, totaling more than 11,000 off-street and 5,000 on-street spaces. PARC is a quasi-government agency that reports to the city’s Economic Development Department.