Purchase a PARCSmartCard

*The PARCSmartCard is a prepaid card that you can use in many parking meters in Louisville!  


Simply insert the PARCSmartCard into the appropriate slot on the meter, select the space to be paid and the desired time will be added in 15-minute increments.  A major advantage: you pay for parking without carrying or fumbling with loose change.

Also, when you return to the meter, the remaining amount of time left on the meter is refunded back to your SmartCard for later use.

Don't want the hassle of reloading a SmartCard at our office, try our convenient Pay-By-Cell option.

You can buy a PARCSmartCard at the locations below.

Locations Available Values
211 West Muhammad Ali Blvd.
Louisville, KY 40202
$10.00 - $50.00
University of Louisville Belknap Campus
University Parking Office
2126 South Floyd St. Suite #100
Louisville, KY  40208
Pre-programmed value
Health Science Center (HSC) Campus
Chestnut Parking Garage
414 E. Chestnut Street
Louisville, KY  40202
Pre-programmed value
Skips Lot - 3rd and Muhammad Ali
447 South 3rd Street
Louisville, KY  40202
Cash only up to $100.00

  *(Except where new IPS meters are installed.)
** PARCSmartcards can be replenished at these locations only and
     receive 2 hours of free parking!

It's Smart to recycle the PARCSmartcard!!