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Councilman Yates to propose sweeping changes to the policies and procedures of the Louisville Metro Council

Sunday August 11, 2013

For Immediate Release:
Democratic Caucus
Louisville Metro Council
Contact: Tony Hyatt 574-4137 / 526-3622

Louisville – Councilman David Yates (D-25) will propose sweeping changes to controls governing Louisville Metro Council Neighborhood Development Funds. Yates will also be working with state legislators to address potential changes to the Kentucky Revised Statutes.

Councilman Yates, who chairs the Council’s Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, has been meeting with President Jim King (D-10), the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office, the Fischer administration as well as several of his colleagues. He intends to collaborate with Councilman Jerry Miller (R-19), chair of the Council’s Government Accountability and Ethics Committee, in the development of the proposed changes in controls.

“We must restore the public trust in the NDF process,” says Yates. “While we have made significant improvements over the past couple years, it is time for a closer look at what we are funding through the Metro Council and more importantly insuring that our constituent’s tax dollars are spent responsibly and in an ethical manner”.

The Councilman says this legislation comes following the hearing of Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin who was found guilty of misconduct in her use of NDF Funds but was not removed from the Metro Council.

“I appreciate David Yates’ willingness to lead on this issue and to work with Councilman Miller in a bipartisan way,” says President Jim King (D-10). “David has a keen legal mind and a strong ethical background. His ability to work in a bipartisan manner and with our elected officials in Frankfort will go a long way in helping us make some much needed changes.”

Yates says his legislation will look not only at the Metro Council’s Polices and Procedures but also the Kentucky Revised Statues in the area of removal of elected officials from office.

“In order to improve our ability to govern and restore the public’s trust, we must address all areas where questions about official conduct are governed,” says Yates. “I am ready to work with all members of the Council to ensure that the right legislation represents all concerns.”

“I am confident that I, Councilman Miller and both caucuses can work together to insure that these important changes are made,” said Yates.

The Metro Council has made the review of its policies and procedures an ongoing exercise since merged government was enacted in 2003.

In 2011, President King called for an internal audit of the NDF process when it was reported that NDF spending was not properly reported to the Council’s Appropriations Committee. Since then the Council has tightened the application process and has reviewed and implemented better training for the groups who ask for tax payer dollars.

When the situation with Councilwoman Shanklin came to light in 2012, a special work group appointed by the President began meeting to review additional changes.

“I am reviewing those ideas as well as suggestions and concerns brought forth by concerned citizens and my colleagues to fully address the procedures to better insure accountability, transparency and disclosure” says Yates.

David Yates (D) 25